Sunday , January 29 2023

Zimbabwe: The Sinar Committee has questioned the audit report


The former Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Dr. The credibility of the report prepared by a committee appointed by Joram Gumbo has been questioned. Discoveries.

Why did Gumbo set up a special committee to study studies on an Audit Report, while others inquired about Sinarara's recommendations.

In the audit report the committee was formed who did not have expertise or lack of expertise to consider what was recommended by GrandTonton.

The company is headed by Santana Holdings, a South African company, a subsidiary of Pluto-Mutare Highway, which has a debt of 206 million dollars.

After studying the Grand Tondon Audit Report on the Plumtree-Mutare Highway, Santana Holdings has started collecting $ 20,000 million from the South Asian Development Bank in 198,000.

Also, after the payments, the committee has also ordered to pay administrative fees on Senator's annual basis (from 2011 to 2016), and administrative fees to 22,733 $ 196 Dollars Santana / Zella / Gold Road.

"24 U.S. 241 719 US $ 331 281 was $ 196 to increase the capital and capital of the US."

The details of the Herald's dealings have made clear the explanation of the loan conditions and the cost of the loan.

The source said: "Priced-Mutur project is costing around $ 10.5 million for assets, labor and workers, without the cost of 206.6 million dollars, raising fees from the bank and investors advisers, both are acceptable to Google."

The political and commercial reasoning of Zimbabwe at that time was so nonsense. "About 8.2 per cent of the interest charged by the DBSA is above the Libraries, and in the ECIC Risk 2,5 per annually.

"Whether it is a major risk premium, it's either infrared or borrowers at borrowing. It's like borrowing for these projects during the fees, advice, loans, etc., that would be seven to ten percent of the capital expenditure.

"Infrailing will have an additional liability on this and it will reduce the debt lag of 1,3% annually and make a settlement of 3% in the budget.

Sinara was allegedly paid to the Golden Rover for smooth conduct of the unpaid loan. "An understanding of the solution to increase the debt of 147.47 million dollars for the island. In the division between cities between Norton and Kadoma, this application and application made all other necessary administrative procedures necessary to achieve this, including facilitating studies, under the advice of Infrail.

"DBSA intended to extend this debt, giving the expiry date for actually signing the contract to the infrail, and they decided to grant financial assistance by then.

"The work required by the Golden Road requires payment for upgrading fees in terms of securing funding for infraLinks, and using the filling fee does not withdraw from the responsibility for fixing the facilitation fee due to the decision to withdraw the demand for the infilling.

However, 1,3 per cent administrative fee can be settled by this facility.

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