Wednesday , September 28 2022

Zimbabwe should support, inform Rampo European Union – Zimbabwe Mail


Zimbabwean President Siril Ramaphosa had met with European Union leaders.

Ramafusa told the media that the importance of Zimbabwe was still being put on a siege against that country.

Zimbabwe is in line with major reforms. It's necessary to support Zimbabwe as a cornerstone, "said Ramaphosa.

He said clarification of the investment, climate change and women's rights were part of global issues he discussed with European Union host.

"It is the biggest trading partner of the European SS and it is important to explore opportunities in weather and climate change, especially in the SE," Ramaphosa said.

"The EU agreed to strengthen cooperation in developing the skills and encouraging entrepreneurship in the SE."

Ramafoses said that the digital transition of SA's economy is supported in all spheres.

He referred to Ramooposa in his visit to the European Union only about issues of land reform – eurozone host countries discussing issues with the agenda.

"We have also stressed on how well we can strengthen investor interest in SA," Ramafosa said.

He said that the SA and the European Union should be more important than cooperating.

He warned that "we should focus on the topic of multilateralism, and one country that promotes certain countries will not lead to serious problems for many countries around the world.

"The EU is a friend and our alliance to support us as we continue to improve the reforms we have put forward." We want to grow in our economy, unemployment, inequality, and poverty. "

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