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Zimbabwe: Kadaware Dreams Big – Allfree DoCo


The next year he is preparing to make a dream come true for Cameron to qualify for the 2019 African Cup football.

The 22-year-old forward last July gave great bruises to the left knee. When he came out for the Swedish disorder djurgardance he was in the best form.

The 12-point mark is the only one that has climbed to the top of the T20 chart. Eight goals.

Initially, eight weeks were disfellowshipped, but last month another egg was taken 20 weeks later. It also lost three major qualifying matches for the Warriors.

Free Club La Herve's debut was awesome.

"It was very hard for me, and I always thought I was hurt and turned to forever, and always thought about it forever.

The good thing is that the team (Zimbabwe) is still in my absence, and I'm very happy with the Warriors and all these skills are put into these qualifications.

"I'm glad to come back again and hope that my presence will be counted on the rest of the campaign, and I think my country should play my share of helping me get this line.

It is important to understand that Liberia is not as easy opponents as they are at home, but we are one of the most demanding games and we are on our head because we need one result and we are not going to finish a match, "Kadewere said.

The veteran coach Chadswawwa recalled after injuries following the injury of South African captain Evans Rookie.

One came from a long interval that lasted for four months. Last week's French league defeated Sokoues 3-2, he had some butterflies in the stomach. Lee-Hoover's 22-point league in the 82th minute reached 22 points from 14 matches with Yokobaba Kuala Lumpy.

In July, the French League entered into a four-year contract.

"It was the first game of the club, after the injury, I had a few nurses that I experienced some sort of pressures, but my first touch was erased.

"I regained my confidence, liked the fans, and reviewed the messages I received from it, and waited for great things in my new club a few minutes ago.

"I enjoy a new environment, it's good, people in my team have welcomed me warmly, they're good, loving and caring.

"Few talk from France, but I'm studying every day … But my best thing is to get along with my family and my language," Kadewere said.

If you win Zimbabwe Group D, you will qualify for the lead quarter football tournament of the three countries. DRC, Congo and Liberia are also included. After four games, the Warriors now go to weekends and seal their berths for at least one point.

Most foreign players have been advised to fly directly to Liberia. It is expected to train three days beginning Thursday and adversely affect the weather in Monrovia.

As expected, the Dynamos goalkeeper Zimba sanani was also released yesterday.

On returning home, the coach returned home. He said he will travel to Kodak Chidambba from Liberia on Sunday, he said.

Zimbabwe Provisional Squad

Goalkeepers: George Chigowe (Polokwane City), Edmon Sibanda (Whitbank Spurs)

Revolutions: Alex Moodimu (CEFN Druids), Ronald Pimmidzysai (Blomphondine Celtic), Teenage Headbe (Kaiser Head), Kevin Moyo (F. Platinum), Marshal Fleming (Orlando Pirates)

Midfolders: Wilfred Katzende (Caesar chiefs), Taafdwah Kutini (Assam), Ovdi Kararu (Amadul), Talent Chogagueva (Baracka), Maravaces Nassampa (Club Brook), Khama Billet (Kaiser's Chief), Knowledge Mozona (Adelelet), Rodewell Chainagegere FC Platinum)

Strikers: Evans Raikeck (Supersport United), Knox Mutaisawa (Lamonville Villa), Tinotanta Cavour (Le Havre AC)

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