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Youngest children in class are more prone to ADHD diagnosis

"As young children grow older, they are slightly different in size and make them over time, but behaviorally pronounces the difference between a 6-year-old," says Anupam Jena

In the past 20 years, ADHD diagnoses in children have been dramatically increased. In 2016 alone, 5% of the UAE's children had to be treated for ADHD. In the opinion of experts, there are some factors, including greater recognition of the disease, the actual increase of the condition, and in some cases, disability.

In a new study by Harvard Gazette, scientists link the good relationship between school age and the awareness of children. Children's birthday may be a sign of misunderstandings, or studies have suggested that a school will start school on September 1, the date of birth in admission.

The results of the new study underscore that a component of prioritized school admission may be diagnosed in the subjects of elementary school students. In the meantime, it is possible that ADDD will supervise many children. In the early years of elementary school, they are relatively mature compared to older classmates.

Lighten mukhyaracayitavaya of the study, Timothy said, "In most states, what grade a child to put them in an arbitrary and reduce birth decides that the school will be able to start. Down in September, states that children born on August 31, September 1, the first date of the first day of school, a sahapathiyekkal Prayamullavarayirikkum a whole year.

"In this age, the younger spends more time and focuses attention on the long term in the classroom, and those authorities can conduct a medical referral after examination and treatment of ADH."

As children grow older, the slightest differences in age are equal and periodically discouraged. But the difference between 6 years and 7 years difference can be obvious. A typical behavior shows the unusual relationship of the peer group of the child. "

Scientists who have collected data from a large insurance database have found 407,000 elementary schools born in ADHD between January and August to September 2007 between 2007 and 2009.

In September, the number of children born in August for school admissions is 30 percent more than adults who have been born in August. The babies born in August and September were without these differences.

When the investigators examined the treatment of ADHI there was a difference. The ADHD drug in 10,000 students was born on August 10, 40, and was born in September.

ADHD has been dramatically grown in the past 20 years for the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD in different areas of diagnosis and treatment. In 2016, 5% of all children in the US consumes the ADHD. All these factors are affected by ADHD's overdegygosis and water treatment.

Jena said: "e.di.ecc.diyute developments vard'dhanaykkulla bahusvaratayuman complex reasons. This phenomenon has been postponed to advance palacarakkukilayirikkum arbitrary dates. In recent years, a number of states to recognize e.di.ecc.diye uttaravadittamuntakki schools, medical examination prescribed by the edi'eccdi laksanannaleatuku Iya insenrivukal to mention the education of any child. "

"The condition is not related to symptoms, it is related to the context, and the relative age of children encompasses class, laws, regulations and other conditions."

It is important to examine all these factors before diagnosing and diagnosing treatment. The age of the child in relation to the companions of the same grade is to be taken into consideration. Referral reasons will be examined carefully. "

The find is found on November 28 in The New England Journal of Medicine.

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