Thursday , August 11 2022

Wants to build an electric power plant in China


Beijing – shifts Chinese astronomical dreams into a high orbit.

China is preparing to build a solar power plant in space, as the world's first economy is trying to break its energy sources to crush the world on the horizon. In an annual budget of $ 8 billion for space program, China is seeking to compete with rivals to economic, military and technical superiority.

The scientists have begun a laboratory in the western Chinese city of Chongqing. Between 2021 and 2025, a metro station is expected to be a metro station between 2021 and 2025. The solar power of one MW by 2030 and later generated large generators at the State Site and Science and Technology Daily.

This is where China works in space:

Explore the moon

The country's scientists conducted a lunar investigation on the Moon's landscape on January 3, suppressing a range of missions and shining lights in China. Because of the lack of electric magnetists on Earth, the Rover known as the Changs-4 can learn more about the Moon's luminosity. China's Xinhua news agency says it will help scientists build a high-quality radio spectrometer in China.

Green shoots

Memorable of the 2015 science fiction film Mars Matt Damon, China's Moon mission is also under trial. The discovery was conducted by the University of Changampuzha. After nine days, it was only after the first green leaves of Chang Chen were tested. The test loads on cotton, canola, potato, yeast, fruit

More missions

These missions in the pipeline are China. Van Yanhua, vice-administrator of the National Space Administration, said two people have been set up to land in the south pole of the moon. An agency will be established on the basis of research on the Moon. At the end of this decade Mars may have a single point.

Space station

China plans to build its own space station by 2022. Dabird Tiangong or Heavenly Palace experiment will have a core module and two components, which weigh 66 tons and three. Years. This facility will be used for scientific research in dozens of fields including biology, physics and materials.

Private rockets

The government's monopolization in space launches was abandoned. This is the dream of small companies dealing with the challenges Elon Mazx Space X, Jeff Bezos Blue Origin and Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic. Starting from China's Wazir Capitalists and private equity investors, the start-ups depend on the skill of rocket scientists from China's space program.

GPS Challenger

Taking into account the contradiction with the US, China spends 9 billion dollars. The US-owned GPS-powered system has also created a navigation system. China is also trying to reduce dependence. Smartphones, car navigation systems, dog's neck, and guided missiles. Those satellites are controlled by the US Air Force and the Chinese government is disturbing. So, an alternative to the Beeda Navigation system has been developed. This provides accurate attributes of 1M or less with the use of a mount support system.

Space junk

Satellite Inspection and Repair & # 39; and Junk Hurricane are developing beautiful space skills. Asian powers are acting against American satellites. This month, the US Defense Intelligence Agency says. The Foreign Ministry of China says that the allegations are "fundamental".


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