Tuesday , January 31 2023

The longest start in space


After a ceremonial expanse, there is a lot of food and barns filled with loads from the surface-wide telescopes that move from time to time on Earth. German spacecraft with the European Space Agency, Alexander Gertstor, was made of images taken by the International Space Station from the longest laplapse of the Earth. Locations around the globe face only 15 minutes, shining from day to night, shining out the earth.

The timelapse was created by more than 21,000 images of Gertrust made from Gartner in a few hours on October 6. ISS takes 90 minutes to complete an orbit around the Earth, and the timelapse video illustrates two full passes. The film is based on Tunisia. The lights of China will be shown before the night passing through parts of Italy and Europe. At one point, you will see some lightning strikes beside a storm in the Pacific meter. If you are not sure where the ISS is in the video, you will be notified with a handmade map in the top left hand corner.

Video Release The IAS 20 anniversary, NASA and other European space partners celebrated this week. IAS was born on September 20, 1998. Sarita's first item was released.

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