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The insulin price has doubled over a period of five years


From 2012 to 2016, the price of insulin has doubled. Drug use is only three percent. This gives recognition to the number of people who open up their complaints for increased expenditure. ( Peter Stanick | Pixabay )

The type 1 diabetes treated with insulin has doubled between 2012 and 2016.

In 2012, the patient spent nearly $ 2,900 on insulin. But the healthcare institute's report has been released on Tuesday. By 2016 the average price rose to $ 5,700. These numbers will be accounted for the amount paid by the patient and his / her health card and not include the concessions, which will help reduce costs.

Expenses increased The value of insulin. It can Attribute Preferred types of price are at least cheaper than a cheaper type of tag.

Effect of insulin rising cost

Daily insulin usage increased by 3%. Some families are selling drugs as a result of the surge in price of insulin, while others walk out of the street and protest the opposition's headquarters.

Others have decided not only to cut it with insulin. In a study published last year, more than 25 percent of those participated Due to the high cost of diabetes, the medication that protects the life-saving medicine.

"This event is the findings of researchers who report the price rise in diabetesIn the last few years, "HCCI said that insulin refers to groups of families who came out to disclose their stories as a result of insoluble rising prices.

Insulin Makers

The insurer prompted lawmakers to seriously examine the matter by price rise. The biggest players in the market are Sanborn, Novo Nordic, and Eli Lily, who do not have a normal generation of drugs and three big drug manufacturers.

Type 1 diabetes Pancreas is a threat to life-threatening insulin. About 1.2 million Americans are in this situation.

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