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The hydroelectric project in Indonesia has started

The Rajamandala Hydro Power Plant is being conducted through a joint venture with Cancãai Electric Power Corporation and PT. Power in the western Java province of Indonesia. (NNA / Kyoto)

Jacuzzo (NNA / Kyoto) -Canzai Electric Power Company started generating power from the hydroelectric power plant in mid-May, and successfully completed its first overseas hydropower project, utilizing the Japanese utility.

46,600 KW of power produced by Rajamandala Hydro Power Project in West Java. The operation began on May 12th.

The study of the potential of electric power has been entirely incorporated by Cancai Electricity. Financing and manufacturing, a utility from Osaka is to establish a hydel power project independently of abroad.

The new plant, located 100 km southwest of Jakarta, will be disallowed 181 million kg of power from the PNNL, called Pendero for the next 30 years.

PT Pura Indonagaaga, which is fully owned by the Indonesian power company, is PT. Rajamandala Electric Power. KPCI Holders BV

Canzai Electrical works in hydropower projects in British Ireland, Laos, Philippines and Taiwan.

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