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The best Google Hangouts shutdown will start in October 2019


The best Google Hangouts shutdown will start in October 2019

Google has announced Google to shoot the most popular messaging app on Google. Google explains how the Hangouts Shutdown will be in a post on the GSuite Updates blog today, and the company has shared some of its plans to convert Hangouts users to "Hangouts Chat" and another enterprise slal clone.

First, we have to get some voices to navigate through Google's overriding branding. Here are the two different products we're talking about here: "Hangouts", "Hangouts chat". These two products have nothing but the same names.

Google has recently been recieved for "Hangouts Classic", Google's most popular message app. The full featured, customer-grade, instant messaging app has one billion installs of Android and is also enjoying the main placement of Gmail's desktop version. This is a 13 year user since Google Talk is in-place upgrade.

"Chat chat" is quite the opposite. It started 10 months ago. Basically, some of the "Beta" enterprise slash shows are now available to pay for GSuite users, which can be installed on up to 500,000 on Android Today, these apps do not share users, messages, or any type of interoperability.

Shows hang out with Hangouts Classic (popular). Google today announced that Google will claim that Google Qube customers will "retire" in their hangouts class. Exactly, the closure of customers is in the air. Google exclaims, "We hope to continue to chat and chat for free with GSuite customers changing the consumer use we use for classic Hangouts. And communicate the timely line of time to a fixed time."

A precautionary report from 9to5Google makes Google the last round of communication about Hangouts running 2020 to shut down the customer.

Is it right to deny users IM to an enterprise smartphone?

Hangouts chat for users! Create a marketing team with your friends and family! Share design templates with your mom! "Src =" "width =" 980 "height =" 638 "
Maximize / Hangouts chat for users! Create a marketing team with your friends and family! Share design templates with your mom!

Google does not miss a billion installers of Google, however, Google aims to end the gap between Google and Chrome, even though it's different services with different features like Hangouts Classic and Hangouts chat. Google aims to migrate Hangouts Classic users to HangoutsChat. Google says Google will spend between April and September. It will include, "features from classic Hangouts" and some interoperability.

Google did not take up anything on this support page listed in the upcoming features for Hangouts chat. Key features such as "chat with users outside domain" and "Google Voice integration" will bring the application closer to a consumer product. There are a number of ways to Hangouts chat based on compatibility with classic Hangouts for Hangouts that have a "Deep Integration with Gmail", "Apps for Windows and MacOS Apps". There will be a "better video calling experience".

With Hangouts, most features like opening a gap are missing. Instead, they are concentrating on filling the slope gap. "You can also make thread threads where users can join and leave," searching for documents, sharing text, people, variety, link previews, and boats.

Great feature, interoperability. From April 16th, Google says that users can switch between Hangouts and Hangout chat users. Sadly, this does not apply to group chat, it will be distinguished between two products.

If Hangouts is a shoot-down, it's a very complex fault-that! Shutdown applies to most Google users And All the friends and family that the company will swap. Google's "transition plan" is in peril- Hangouts chat is not yet a good slogan. It is totally different from the use of the difference – it is possible to win the transition without giving 10 months to the chat team.

Google's assumption that the transformation plan is all right. But Google strikes cluster shoots more than the brand, and they are confident in Google's other products and services.

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