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Tahira Kashyap speaks at the cancer seminar

New Delhi:

Ayesamman Khurana's wife Tahira Kashyap has revealed in a social media post after finding lung cancer in the month of September. So far, Tahra posted a post which she submitted in her post camp. She had been in six sessions for chemotherapy. She was a preventive surgeon who was diagnosed with cancer. A "hard" phase for tahira, however, works in the midst of its combat with "strength" and "resilience". "To upgrade to a version of myself and the management of cancer, stage 1, and this is the result of the earlier find, I am going to kimeaterappiyilute 12 sessions, six less than the other six remain. I am with you in the second half and won the battle pearatanagrahikkukayum ceyyum.pasuvaya samarppikkappettittullat for my half of journey Grinding, saktarayirikkuka, we read from the Instagram post a Kashyap bhagattekkuricc tahra to do and how to cope.

Tahra Kashyap's photo was accompanied by photos of the original tea and wrote "F ## K Cancer". "Do you believe in strongly ceyyentatanenkil to deal with it, we faced a barrier tirannetukkam.ninnalute to change our lives and the lives of the leaders of plays, beat it, beat it, a bit dhariccettiyenkilum know, to feel a little more intelligent, will remain a little bit, but to bring more, a little vikalanganal , Continued to post improved sajjikaranavuman, "Tahir.

Thaheera, her husband Ayeshaman Khurana, their parents, best friend Komal Sehgal and colleagues supported postmortem and supported their & # 39; support. "The people around me are kommal sehgal, my husband, ushmann kurana, parents Yajar Kashyap and Anitha Kashyapp, but when you support and support professionally, I can create a strong basis for your fight. So when I heard it, it was also the case with Cuskbar, Tanjuj Garg, Venkat H, tranquility, unbeatable in this horse to overcome, but it can not be overcome, "said Tahir.

What do you do when seeing cancer? You show that way! This is a difficult time, but I never know my own strength, we know when the in-laws experiment in each of us is tested. As I said earlier, we can choose ourselves as heroes of our own drama. If you have a problem in your life, overcome it, overcome it, get out of it, get out of it, get a better version of you, feel a little laughable, feel more intelligent, but a bit more left out, but a bit more handy, but more hands-on, but better facilities! Now my revised edition handles 1 a a. This is still the result of early invention. I go through 12 sessions of chemotherapy. 6 down, 6 are left. So, I'm looking at the cap for my journey to this trip, where half the battle won and another. How can we be calm and be strong? I have taken the right attitude towards people around me. It was taken with the right attitude. @Momankashyap @ koshal20to77 husband @hashamapto @ my wife This bit has been taken but professionally you will support but still reliance will become stronger in your fight. For this I was shocked when I heard about @tulkasbekar @ tanuj.garg @ @indinhanti @ shrutiv11, but the broken wings were crushed, but the horse was not destroyed. Thank you: #REDIRECT #

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In September, Tahra joined social media on social media. My right leptospirosis was found by DCIS (Dental Carcinoma in situ) with high Grape Malan cells. (Since only one breast)! After the Pamela I was a little overwhelmed by the competition, but no one noticed me, so I have a part of my back with my hair, "read a piece from her note.

The opportunity to give competition to the kadasis went waste! A week before & # 39; I & # 39; s respect for my badge & # 39; I am referring to that. I'm glad she shared the role with the intention of accepting it with love. Because I'm just posting it. Selfishness and thanks to the universe. The picture is sometimes disturbed, but these defects have become my dumbs for a few days. I found DCIS (in the Dortal carcinoma cait) in my right breast with high grade malignant cells. Cancer Cells Cancer Cancer Pre-Cancer Pre-Tumor Cancer Cancer Cancer Cancer As a result, I have become a semi-Indian version of Angela Jolly (only because of a bast)! I told my doctor to give a competition to Kadasiyam because the pathway passed. But nobody cares, now I have a part of my back with my breast. Maybe you can kiss my breast now. Jokes, this obstacle has given me a new definition of life. Respect the confidence and courage of your own theater as the unpredictable one. He is the Mighty One Spirit of God, who resurrect boldness and will of will for endurance. There is nothing that can do for the human soul. I want the women of all ages to be educated. I am 35 years old. I have come back from a mammogram twice. If any symptoms have arisen, consider yourself as a defensive force. We are very much smiling. This oscillating style gives me more self-sacrificing! The big, small, left or right motion, grabbing or betraying the gravity, or even a story to tell every breast's presence or absence. I created a 2.0 version of me! This post is dedicated to awareness, self-love and warfare, we know that we all have one person each person # personlove #determination #faith #bodhisattva #bhodhisattvaoftheearth

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In an interview with INNC, Ashlem Khranana News Agency, who spoke about the discovery of Tahira's cancer, said: "I have two leading films coming up, I was traveling through a professional way of life and it's a big headache and life is a big deal," he said. "I'm giving my time, really morning, my movies were promoted, and I was in the hospital at night … it's not easy," he adds. This year, Ayushmann included And so on And Hollow hueBoth of them were praised by critics.

In 2011, Asheman Khurana and Tahiri Kashyap were parents of two children, Vivahive and Vashakha.

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