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Stephanos CityCapas: YouTube Star, Grand Slam Semifinist


He is not a bad salesmate.

In the first Grand Slam quarterfinals, Roberto Bautista defeated Aguete 7-5, 4-6, 6-4, 7-6 (7-2).

"If you do not subscribe, get involved," Chittas told his pictures of moving around the world on Tuesday.

He will do anything he wants, that is 6 feet 4 Grey's 20 and 20 at the age of 20 is now ranked 15 in the world.

In the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, Stephanos Tsitipass won the match.

From 23,000 to 29,000 subscribers after his interview.

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His ability to build the mirror of his closest friends, the Melbourne Mutiny, in the unprecedented Open Tournament by Merbos Baghdatis in the Australian Open final in 2006.

Subsequently, the pace of the widespread popularity of the cyberpost was won. In addition, the largest Greek community in Melbourne also tried to intimidate the CCPs.

After retaining Swiss crown, he retained the Swiss crown in the semifinal of Ganguly in the final.

"I loved the people," said Federer. "I think they are amazing."

Life changing event

As he was dying in the sea, when he drowned, the view of his life changed. My father was out.

When Citcipas uses the term "Fairytale" to explain what has happened in Melbourne, why not?

Bautista Agat never crosses the Citizas, who won 22 opponents of Spanish rival Karismus and the luxury. But this was in the 22 seat seat for the people's tie.

Roberto Bautista Agut finished his first Grand Slam quarterfinals.

Ganguly's opponents tried to beat Gran Slamy Andy Murray and Marin Silky and John Milmon, local fans.

Novak Djokovic, who was out of the tournament in Doha earlier this month, said, "Today I was a little bit tired.

In the first three sets, Bautista Ajat reached 4-2.

However, the tiebreak was set in the 30th minute through a 30-year-old goal.

In the tierbreke City, he has scored 4-2 centuries. The defense lab was approached by the defense lab.

I can not rally again on the grounded aggregate agut.

There is no problem for Federer

The Swiss Legend has appreciated to play for Twist, City City commitment and the CSPS – carefully selected his words for the 20-minute Grand Slam crown.

Citizas became the second player to win the next match finals. An ATP contest winner for 21 years or below, and a few months later, progressed to the semifinals of the Australian Open.

He followed the footsteps of another sportsman from South Korea, Hezhen Chung, who created a flow of tennis proses.

The Citizas has achieved the goal of building a grand slam semifinal in 2019. In the first attempt he was able to cover the court and competition in his power.

Stephen Citizas for Barcelona in the Australian Open.

Alexander Suarev, his colleague and his nearest rival, is fighting in the Grand Slam.

"I live in a dream, I was working hard," said Cipipus.

His tennis refugee parents were his family members, including his brother, Petrus, and his younger sister Elizoet.

"Moscratch," said Cicipius.

Stern tests come

In the quarterfinals, Sitzzicz went to the semi-finals of the 17th Grand Slam champagne of Spain and Nehru's Francis Tiopo.

Will Cicipias succeed in all things?

According to the Boutique Agut.

Rafa (Nadal) and Novak Djokovic are my favorites.

It seems like that – but Citizmas later joined them as Greater Slam Winner.

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