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Qatar national antibiotic resistance to national health


Qatar national antibiotic resistance to national health

15 November 2018 – 8:16

Qatar national antibiotic resistance to national health

Minister for Public Health Dr. Hanan Mohammad Al-Kuwari, during the Whish Summit, presided the Antibiotic resistance as a plenary session.

DOHA: World Antibiotic Awards Week, held from November 12-19, will be hosted at World Antibiotic Awards. Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC) advises the public about misuse of misuse, particularly excessive anti-anxiety disorders

"Antibiotic resistance to the threat of global health, based on the World Health Organization (WHO), says Public Health Minister Hanan Mohammad Al-Kuwari, the vast majority of the world's health crisis.

"Qatar's national health program in 2018-2022 requires an antibiotic deficiency reduction in improved health care priority area. Antibiotic resistance not only helps prevent and treat infections but also increases mortality rates for higher medical treatments and long-term hospitals and increases mortality," said H E Dr. Al Kuwari added.

The drugs used to treat infection diseases are the infection, "said Dr. HMC, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Infectious Disease. Said Abdulwit al-Khal.

"Blocking the growth of the bacteria with antibiotics is necessary to make a number of projects for the treatment of patients. It is a problem in the body. When you use antibiotics incorrectly, they become effective. Neurons, tuberculosis, and many infections to antibiotics antibiotics, Dr. Al-Qala and less phalapradamakumenn due to abuse of the salmeanaleasis y Tticcerttu.
Recently, anti-antibiotic resistance has risen across the world, said Dr Hema, medical director at HMC's Communicate Disease Center. Said Al-Maslamani,

Most cases occur with two types of diseases: bacteria or viruses. Antibiotics may have a chance to curb bacterial infections – viral infections can not be resolved, Dr. Hisham Ziglam of the epidemics at Hamad General Hospital explained.

"The bacteria are the problems of throat, certain types of pneumonia, sinus infection etc. While viruses are common cold, most cough and swine, it is important that the general public understands that antibiotics for viral infection will not cure the infection and help prevent others from getting better. Dr. Sigam said, "This is not the case.

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