Sunday , January 29 2023

On Saturday, three asteroids from the earth will travel in the sky. There is no need for panic


Despite the major news As, "NASA scientists warned that three space rocks were Saturday afternoon afternoon. "Three Great Depths of Geologic Environmental Disorder", third Saturday afternoon, the third asteroid.

In fact, NASA has not warned any warnings or warnings to any asteroid threat.

If the newly discovered asteroid passes in the orbit of the Moon, it is no threat to Earth.

On November 28, asteroid, Txson, Ariz, and a telescope was found in the Mount Leman survey. This asteroid passes about 381,000 km. The average distance of the moon is 3 km.

2018 VX1 was taken by the 17cc telescope in Secono, Italy. (Guyanukaka Masasi / Virtual Telescope Project)

Now, if it seems next, it should be considered: All planets in Pluto, our solar system, are likely to match the earth and the moon. There is plenty of room there.

Yet, based on limited limited surveillance 2018 Astronomers estimate that VX1 is an enormous 11 m long rock from 2110 (the Sun has an orbital period of 1.6 years within 11 years).

On Saturday 1:20, 2018 VX1 will be safely dumped at groundwater at speeds of 20,000 km.

Asteroid field is very close to the earth after finding it a few days ago, and it happens more often than you think. The asteroids are relatively small and are therefore difficult to find.

But that's fine news: they are small.

The newly discovered asteroid path 2018 is an orbital mark indicating VX1. (Solar System Dynamics / JPL / NASA)

Hypothetically, if 2018 VX1 enters the Earth's atmosphere at some point in the far future, there will be a good light, some noise, but no damage.

This suggests that the Chelyabinsk asteroid is believed to be the diameter of 20 meters in 2013. When the earth's atmosphere entered the surface, the windows collapsed and about 1,000 injured. But Chelyabinsk 2018 is twice the number of VX1.

If you want to see 2018 You can visit VX1 when it passes Virtual telescope project for virtual viewing.

Two visitors

Saturday In the neighboring countries there are more than two asteroids.

About 9 PM ET, 2018 VS1, is about 17 meters wide, and it will at It is about 1.3 million km away from Earth, 38,000 km away.

The 2018 VR1 earth and the five million kilometers will pass simultaneously.

So do not worry about these asteroids causing earthly dangers.

But if the idea of ​​an asteroid destroying you through the planet will be overnight, consider this: a kilometer or more 95 percent of the asteroids in NASA Center for Near Earth Object Studies.

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