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NASA is a landing site for future Mars Rover


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Curiosity One of the most striking achievements on Mars does not actually help with curiosity. After examining the rear planets for several years and scrutinizing probes including scrutiny, soul and opportunity, we collected more information on how many times Mars flashed on Mars. It has been confirmed that the features they once thought were created from liquid water. That means that it's easier to find future landing targets for future missions. They maximize the chance to find out when they search for the earth.

The latest goal? Jezrero Hart, an ancient lake on Mars, is believed to have spent considerable time in liquid water. NASA's short list, the Columbus Hills (the home of the ancient hot spring spinor), the north-east of the citadel and ground water collections were also presented. The geo-jerk is a clear indication that once a long-range area is located and rocks at this location. Here is a detailed description of NASA:

The Nahachian catastrophe on the lamp in the west of the jaziroo esdas nest. It is characterized by the Late Nausian / Early Hesperian Flavian / Deltaic Sentent Deposition to the orbit-neutral / low saturation (ie, habitable) pollet lock. In the west, north delta and orbital observations have been observed. Mg-carbonates and aweawins dominate Western Delta, but are less than the western delta. Basin Phyl is mostly of Oliveen and Mag-carbonates. Although it is unclear whether the primary mortgage deposit is the resale of the pre-lagoon remnants, or Nili Fossae (unknown origin) reveals the local Mg-carbonate / olivine unit. A volcano unit (~ 3.5Ga) basically extinguishes the basin fill, surrounding the deltaic debris separated from the main Delta body through a heliocentric highway at the point of volcano.

Translation: There is clear evidence that the water level in this area has lasted for a sustained period – enough time to form a Delta, which has happened in the same way as Mars on Earth. "Basinfill" is a waterfowl called watershed, which are deposited with water for years. The ability to analyze that subject has been known to know whether Mars exists in existence. Some of these fills were buried in the ruins of the volcanic eruptions of 3.5 billion years ago. The period of Noohian is 4.1 – 3.7B years, and then the Hesperian period. It is thought that Noah is the longest survival of the Martian dust on the surface. Hesperian period is the period of transition to the coolest and dusty transition that we know from the planet's heat and humid environments. During the Hesperian period, volcanic activity became the primary underground operation of Mars instead of the larger meteorites. On Mars, Nuhan and Mars are Hayden and Archaeological satellites from Earth.

An area on the specified landing site within the Geronhof Gler. NASA / JPL / University of Arizona

Astronomers have a number of reasons for the discovery of Mars in the Nubian era. Though Noche and Hesperian periods remain relatively common, Nocyanus craters are much larger than the Hessian rivers. This makes it clear that liquid water is very freely available in Nosan. A 100-kilometer-long impact on Nashian would hit Mars more than one billion years ago. Dinosaurs are believed to have been destroyed by an asteroid with a diameter of 10-15 km.

After the Nocian period, the climate change in Martian water dropped below zero from today. The ascension rate of the Noshian period, indicating that it is less than unstable, as it is calculated at the same time or in today's time. In the 2010 article "Gallowogical History of Mars" in 2010, According to Car and James WW Head III, in this period, the average average assessment in the United States is twice as much as average. Even the most striking and active center on earth was not as dynamic as the Earth itself.

According to the Washington Post, NASA has chosen the glacier glutor due to the diversity of terrestrial diversity. The clay is considered important for the development of life on Earth. The Gerroo Gate has a slate-type tile. Secondly, the presence of Delta means that the animal lived in the soil or was thrown out of the grave in any body of water for the lake. Thirdly, when volcanic eruptions in the same area have been converted to the life-threatening rock we are today, then we will provide more information on the underground evolution of Mars.

The launch and landing will not be easy. NASA is NASA's best international hour agency when it comes to the planet. But only 40 per cent completed successfully on Tuesday. In the early 2030s, the mission of Mars' Mars 2020 Rover is needed to produce a set of samples that could return to the next mission, using a single spacecraft returning samples from the earth for detailed analysis. Mars mission is scheduled to be held on February 17, 2020.

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