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Meet the 2019 South African artist Gabriel Goliath. Take the prestigious Standard Bang Young Artist Award


At a primary school in the city of Kimbersley, a quiet tutoring during a Christmas, Gabriela Goliath A friend was lost to a friend for domestic persecution. This turbulent event was deeply influenced by her and urged her to create remnants of riots.

At school, Goliath moved to Johannesburg. As an artist, they are known for his concepts that address the complex social issues. Golei's work and sexual abuse using video, live performance and photography showcase the invisibility, color and color of LGTK +

She studied fashion design Goliath in School of Arts, Wittwatershire, Johannesburg. There are experimental fashion designers Hussain Chaliyan. At this time, her work has evolved as creations of more narrow and "unwearable" creations.

Goliath's work is well known both internationally and internationally. He has won numerous awards, multiple private awards and awards. One of her most famous writings, & # 39; Elige & # 39;Is a part of a long-term performance project, launched in 2015. The work that began in different parts of the world involves a group of women experts who participated in a physical and emotional alcohol ceremony involving a person who provokes a particular person, and a continuous melancholy for the worries of sadness.

Younis Notomkutty Dub, Gabriel Goliath, Center for Ducks for Good Idea, Johannesburg, 2018Photo by Stella Tate

& # 39; Elige & # 39; Verbo Performance at Artie Festivals (2018), part of Sao Paulo; (2018), Paris, National Arts Festival (2018) and MGanda. & # 39; Elige & # 39; in years as part of a new work that contains seven screen video installations, including footage from seven different performances. Introducing the documentation. It will be presented Goodman Gallery Cape Town from February 12 to March 9 Cape Town Art Week 2019.

In the influence of artists, the institute franc, Afrek and cranes prize (Bamako Biennale) Standard Bank Young Artist Award (2019). She has been shortlisted Future Generation Art Prize 2019. While Goliath is currently a research student at the Institute of Creative Art in the University of Kala, Goliath is now working in Art and Culture.

The world's most advanced constitution, Golia's local South Africa, is the most vulnerable, legitimate and recognized body of society in theory. Yet society is experiencing some sexually abusive and sexually abusive societies in the world. This unrest reflects the unrestrained tragedies of colonialism. The rest of the sexes and rape shows on the other side. In a society that is more common in sexual violence and sexual impairment, many have been pushed into a more realistic reality. The ability to interrupt the viewer is the power of Goliath, while promoting conversations about values ​​of a society and revealing the power and power of man.

In 2019 we are busy with Goliath.

Standard Bank Young Artist Award 2019 – Gabriela Goliath (Visual Art)

What influence do you have as an artist?

In the economy, in the exposure, the human world of the art world is not a secret The Ahm-Women and minority artists continued to write its strange and violent consequences from its canonical narrative of modernity. Therefore, I have a complex, repetitive, socially, politically intertwined work, Rebuild This condition. On another day I visited the unusual exhibition of the great Maccabook diagram Helen SEBI. In the supervision of Portia Maltezi, it really honored the majestine lady's sculpture.

As an artist, I challenged and challenged a group of influential elements: artists Donna Kukuma, Boolebesbau Sivani, Tracey Rose, Regina Jose Galileo, Dory SalsidoAnd many more; Writing is a poetic and critical writer Gabbaba Badounon, Christina Sharpe, Sara Ahamed, As is incredible Pinla dino gokala, The crucial Black Feminism in South Africa, and the Core Theory of Lancet. The list includes organizations such as Rape Crisis, Iran, Gay, Lesbian Memory Action (Gal), Sex Workers Education and Advocacy Task Force (SEET) and Tears Foundation.

By your work you explore serious themes, and your performance views are an emotional experience entertaining viewers and performing artists. Do you have a special process when expanding the work of each job? What does this mean?

I'm not a very artist, it's conscious. Regularly learn about how violence is being erased by the forms of representation, the things I put in it, and every year, sometimes spends most of the year. Each project introduces new challenges and asks you to navigate to a complex moral constituency. This is not a "right job" reality – all decisions are a pleasure for that. I have a Guidelines to make sure that my work is always a subject and open the quality and responsibility that it prompts. My process is probably very cooperative and social EligeFor example, the broad dialogue and the forms of collective workers are required. Too many research. Moreover, the experiences experienced by people who impose sexually and morally, and its consequences – a lot of conversations: complicated conversations, but let me know what I think in the best and most humble ways.

Younis Notomkutty Dub, Gabriel Goliath, Center for Ducks for Good Idea, Johannesburg, 2018Photo by Stella Tate

& # 39; Elige & # 39; s work that started in 2015. It is part of a long-term memory performance plan. An absence of a specific woman or a LGBTQI + in South Africa marks a rape and murder. This part of the international and international passage is passed. Why do you think this piece is reflected in the development of the developed and developed areas of the South African context?

Overall, I've been inspired by different audiences in South Africa and other parts of the world. Elige The performance is me, Elige Is a political project that recognizes and mourns those who are regularly deprived of life and death for individuals and communities. Social relation Elige, Each performance is forced into a specific person, which means that & # 39; s away & # 39; The safe removal of the disaster is breaking down. I realized that I never wanted to ever look at someone to understand the skill of others. Following the performance of Europe and the United States, I have made many personal conversations with audiences and have seen them both challenging. Personal experiences or social and political situations connect the memory of a particular person, as there is a separation in each instance. For example, after performing in Sao Paulo in memory of cigarette cigas and salome masu, many experienced people shared personal experiences of rape. That's no other, political worker Marilyn FrancoThe endicic character of this violence in Brazil.

Sexual abuse and murder are among the highest in the world in South Africa. How does the artwork work to contribute to popular speech, attitude, and policies against these terrible acts, as an artist?

No matter what art I am, it is not helpful to fix and fix it. For me, it is not much of what is the role of art, what opportunities are these, and what are the moral values ​​of those opportunities. Can the arts be harmful? But in my opinion, yes, thoughts, feelings, and different ways, and even more difficult and interesting things can help us to provide more complex and more relevant guidelines. I try to deal with violence that is not enough to combat black, brown, women, cue and weak bodies. Here I am referring to the ways in which we represent, write, sound, and act in a large representative area, not art. My goal is to create an alternating sunset that allows me to commemorate and celebrate widowhood. I see this as a kind of recognition and political work.

Your work deeply illuminates emotional wounds and the suffering of the oppressed. It also questions the values ​​of the community. How did both general and lawmakers in your country get your job done? Are there attitudes and motions about the problems you explore through your art?

I think that kind of impact will be reduced. Looking at the reception and influence of my work, I look at the types of interaction that it introduces, and are personal reactions that people often share with me. This kind of feedback is very soft, especially from the racial discrimination, infertility, experiences experienced in sexual violence or the people who experience it. I know that although I have no right to change my policy, some have influenced my work, allowed me to change my attitude, and even give me a catechism or healing cure.

Photo by Stella Tate

You accept the 2017 (Visual Arts) Standard Bang Young Artist Award. What is the 2019's horizon?

2019 will be a busy year for me. The Standard Bang Young Artist Award presents me as a tourist exhibition in the Solar System. I've shortlisted the future Generation Art Prize for which I've been working on a new job- This song … – In Kiev in February, it will visit Venice. I have a lot of satisfaction Elige Performances invited me to identify in Switzerland, in the Netherlands and in the United States, as well as presentations I present at various programs presented in my various activities. GrayThen I came here with two of my PhDs!

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