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Tafdsva Simmoo

London Musicologist Dr. Oliver Muthukutty failed to reach London to the Jas Festival of London. His manager said that the singer was not at home.

Oliver thorns
Oliver thorns

He was appointed as a member of the Think Festival on November 18. But doctors advised him against the trip.

Festivals organizers announced on their website that the musician will not be part of this program due to heart failure.

In an interview yesterday manager manager Walter Vannieya said that the superstar was in good condition after a stinging illness. "He is better at Norton House and he did not visit UK because he was advised not to be traveled because of health problems, but he is at home," he said.

On the occasion of 'The Boys Dine It', a festoon will be conducted by Hu Maskelala's old touring band Zelma Maszek and Sibongalil Khumlo. The announcer announcing the musicians to be upcoming fans will be organizers of the international jazz authentic group.

"The Oliver Moodybuck, who suffered depression, has been suffering from a heart attack this week (the last week)." He returns permanently, but can not participate in these events. Everyone wants the full retrieval of Oliver, "the organizers said in their statement.

Still, with the music icon in the social media with some fans who are very well worshiped. This is not the case with the producer of "Nera" hit because of bad health condition. In February 2015 he should not have a demonstration in Bulawayo, where he was screened with South African music composer Ringo Maddalosi.

Only in 2010, he had been reported to have failed to attend the show because of the dreaded diabetes. The Herald

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