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Gosnan suspects that he will reward both Nisson and hell

Carlos Gossan (Menachey / Takashi Missora)

Tokyo: Former Nissan Motor Company chairman Carlos Gosnann has revealed that his retirement income has been prepared.

The Special Investigation Section of the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors' Office is aware of the case. Gosanan (64) alleged that he would pay the money. He also worked on both sides of the contract as representative of Nissan and a person. Gossan decided to complete the payment and payment method after retirement.

Gosan and former Nissan Representative director Greg Kelly (62) were arrested. In the five years from 2010 to 2014, Gonne's compensation was estimated at about 5 billion yen. It has also been suspected to be payments worth 3bn yen between 2015 and 2017.

Those familiar with the case say that when an individual disclosure system came into existence in 2009, the two began to practice, and the list of executives should have to identify the names of at least 100 million executives each year. After the retirement, they set up a system where Goshen would receive nearly 2 billion annual tons. The paperwork will be completed each financial year. Over the years, he decided to make Gosnn as an individual in the name of Nissan's chairman and Ghosan.

When responded to questioning, Gosen confirmed the existence of such documents, but signed with them. He added that future payment will not be taken. Therefore, financial statements submitted to the authorities in Japan are not required by law.

Kelly said the company had agreed to pay the consultancy contract and the contract to suspend his retirement period due to Nissan's contractor refused. He added that the Financial Services Agency and other foreign organizations have been contacted to ensure legitimacy of money laundering.

Additionally, the relationship between his old sister and Niaz was organized by the "Counseling Contracts" and engaged in other fraudulent actions by providing $ 100,000 annually. About these claims, Ghosh explained that he had good reason for the arrangements.

(Tomoho Kathahira, Kanji Tutsumi, Kasiyuru Thayama, Japan News Department)

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