Thursday , September 29 2022

Fitbit aims at using a simple fitness band, Pulse HD, which has a battery life of 20 days


As it is in the hands of its founder, it returns to its roots. The fans of the French health company will remember the original pulse is a fun and funky soldier, doubled to the fitness band and now bringing back the innings – the new design and the full range of the fitbit fitness band dominance.

Pulse HR may take its name from Withings & # 39; classic tracker, but it is a new tool. The FIG 18.16 x 44.4 x 10.45 mm The tracer itself is on the OLED display through black silicon bands that can be pulled out of black polycarbonate and stainless steel globe. A single button handles simple operations when users can navigate apps and menus with tap sensitive screen. The heartbeat sensor behind you, your pulse automatically records at 10 minutes interval.

Pulse HR is a part of a commitment to your health while continuously doing your heartbeat. Yoga, volleyball, rowing, ice hockey and more than 30 games. Automatic tracking for 10 activities including swimming, and auction for 5 ATM water defenses. However, there is no SPO2 sensor like the previous pulse.

No GPS. As with Charge 3, Pulse HR uses your phone like pace, distance, emulation, as well as mapping rides and bike rides. If a phone is in range, the Pulse HD screen, along with an iPhone or Android phone, can be found in the Health Mate app.

The Pulse HR Bast has 3 Battery Life. New trackers have a battery life of 20 days and a three-time fitness long term device. Not only that, along with notifications, including expiration, night tracking, advanced sleep data and analysis. You will receive Pulse HR Alerts from your phone, but you can not respond to any of them. However, since notifications are presented in a scrollable line, it is highly strategic, so long messages are hard to read.

Pulse HR 130 is available for pre-order It's fully available in December. A series of colored bands will be available next year.

Why this is important: He was one of the biggest names in health problems. However, some Mojo lost control of the Nokia umbrella. Another step to bring it back is Pulse HR. But Wearings & # 39; absence of an affordable health market is very long. Battery life and automatic exercise tracking for 20 days range from Fitbit to customers, and long until people recognize it as a legitimate alternative until Pulse HR is approved.

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