Friday , June 9 2023

Facebook's new mail hub: Can you go back to the hearts of teenagers?


Facebook aims to start the memory feeds called LL to target the younger generation. Memories, Videos and GFs come in the form. In a statement MarketingA spokeswoman for Facebook said. This idea is to conduct a small test.

Facebook said it will launch Facebook in some markets to present new offers. The social media giant said in EMarketer that 18-29 years old and then 30-49 years old. By 2018, 11.5 million Americans fell by 12.1 million in the US between 12 and 17, according to a study by Social Media giant. By 2022, the number of Facebook users will shrink to 9.3 million.

Said Jeffrey Lim, General Manager, Carbon Interactive Singapore MarketingAmong young people, Facebook is confronting the topic of being a "cool" platform for youth. Lim added that it will take more than the functionalities and features to solve that problem. He adds that these brands are "very cold and relative" even when it comes to honestly on the eve of its perception. Thereafter, it moves toward the stability of the product that supports the vision.

"The Face Book, I think it's going to atisthanamulyam to give people the building of a society. 'Ad returns are giving users more control over its know more about Facebook for communication, communicating, or how, at the time the DNA develops and keeps you on Facebook? Use the platform Lim said adhikarikatayekkuriccum verify, and social awareness platform, the platform can be motivated to rasippikkunnatinumulla yuvakkukale or drawing.

Jan Muscina, Senior Intreprator Markets Digital, is one of the top giants of the "old" social network in young people who enter the "adult" youth. As Snapchat tries to confront young people with consciously as a service for young people, he added: "The challenge will be to meet this challenge."

Ultimately, Facebook is with LOL. Mascarana said the guessing about the new feature is similar to 9 gags that attract young people.

"LOL is one of the appeals for pages and platforms, which are the community, so LOL is considered to be a cheap and unofficial copy, if their sleeve is basically new, there is not a strong US playing here," he said adding that young people can launch an experimental shutter along with the appeal.

Facebook likes Facebook, its Instagram platform and its stories. "Instead of presenting another segmentation-fragmenting feature / platform that Instagram is currently able to bypass the market dominance currently enjoyed, among the youths, instead of attracting this audience," he said.

Michelle O'Brien, Division Director, said: "Prior to changes in the general sequels used by Facebook, Content and posting of Content Content that comes from infected content consumption on this shift. Influenced by these friends, thousands of people live on these "perfect" lives on Facebook and Instagram.

"But Gen Z has a desire to see the fake, celeb-like culture, the more authoritative and original content that is not real than life," she added. According to O'Brien, users are using Instagram for realtime stories when compared to what they are posted in feeds.

"The feed of the fun content can bring some attention to their attention, but Zen Z does not want to spend time on the platform any more," she said.

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