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Entrepreneurs are trying to mark the African Day against fossil fuels

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Jeffrey Gogo Climate Story
Activists from 20 African countries have advocated weather forecasts against fossil fuels that cause more than 1,000 climate change.

The African group on March 25, March 25, organized by, organized by the team of, was designed and designed in their unique way.

The idea of ​​an African Day for self-determination of exploitation of natural resources was an unrelenting dispute, and on the verge of a devastating climate crisis.

Out of the global greenhouse gases, only five are in Africa. This is a bigger risk than climate change and global warming.

The products and consumption of fossil fuels like oil and coal are the major drivers of climate change. This is a change in drought, flood, and tropical cyclone.

Climate scientist Lundary Nintetets said floods in some parts of South Africa have been floods, drought, drought, drought and drought.

"African countries, except South Africa, have done relatively little for climate change, but are still facing hard times and have no resources to deal with," she said in a statement shared by The Herald Business.

"A natural calamity, without the availability of social and economic opportunities that are developed by developed African countries are becoming a negative loop of poverty and natural change in nature," he said.

On African Day, nearly 60 events were reported from oil and coal ministries, including fisheries workers across the continent.

Community community, community, community, religious and government leaders, women and young people, participated in various activities to send a strong message that Africa should not be dependent on fossil fuels to meet energy requirements.

Instead, Burundin suggested that the continent should "lead the world through a renewable energy of resources that can be reproduced at low cost."

Zimbabwe leads to renewables

The Zimbabwe is one of the energy and transportation sectors that the government is now aiming to cut emissions from 2030 to 2030. This will increase investments in hydropower and solar energy.

Last year, the company had generated 300 megawatts of additional power to generate 300 megawatts of electricity. It has generated 500 megawatt additional power.

Zimbabwe's net is not for zero zero carbon emissions, but economic growth until full circle or somewhere.

Regardless, it is already absorbed into an inner, in all respects. Forest conservation is undertaken by country of less than 1% of the global emissions and its 15.6 million hectares.

However, due to the global climate change due to fuel climate change emissions, more solar power, small, small hydropower, more efficient transportation systems, especially rail can be seen.

When the water level in the Kharibas dam was reduced to a serious decrease, 60 percent of the localized energy produced a few weeks ago from hydropower.

This is so much because some industrialized countries share the energy to reproduce their national power mixes.

For example, US and fossil fuels – The emission of greenhouse gases – generating more than 62% of the country's energy efficiency, according to State Energy Administration Administration.

Recycled energy produces only 17% of the total generation. There is only 7.5 per cent of hydroelectric project.

Here are some of the obvious and effective interventions in homes, the expulsion of light bulbs accessible in schools and businesses, and the appointment of laws to increase energy efficiency in the industry.

Fossil fuels

The higher the price compared to other energy sources, such as coal power plants, one of the major issues that may inhibit renewable energy like solar energy in the past. However, since the introduction of new technologies, the cost of solar costs has been declining since the beginning of 2000.

Michel David Tergua of the GIEP in Nigeria said environmental advocates say "fossil fuels are one of the primary tasks of climate change." African american day

"(People are facing a fast phase of fossil fuel energy.) Although there are many evidence to support the use of fossil fuels in the continent, many of us, investors appear to invest in surplus value, in the cost of billions of people.

Terangwa alleged that the government did not take enough measures to prevent new investment in fossil fuels. Instead, the allegations of corruption include Lumu, the official UNESCO Heritage Site, and the oil exploration in DRC Virguna National Park. A biodiversity handcuff is good for development. We ask, for whose development, exactly? & # 39; s "

The world is technical and economic means to counteract the trend of carbon emissions and temperature.

Many of our systems have a critical time of reconciliation, a new way of working, traveling, feeding, producing our energy, and propagators.

God is faithful.

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