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Early flowering temples are tea plants

Because their gardens do not show enough of their relatives, the tea plants have a good color for local landscapes in this fall.

The flowers are orange in diameter and white. My wonderfully many bees love them

Tea plants are real comets in the winter flowering season, similar to those of the more colorful japonica and cassia.

They are best suited to filtered sun and slightly acidic soil. Use their little dyes for some drinks, but report different results.

Taking advantage of a path to the camellias conveniently using your background as a background image will be your answer to the winter.

Several species and varieties are available in colors, red and pink variations and white in white gardens. There is a yellow camel.

Camellias generally grow best in the filter. Many can face the sun, but the shadow of light seems relieved. Here are some tips to help add camels to your landscape.

  • Select a variety of varieties to nurture locally. Generally, the older ones are good.
  • Add new plants moisture and mulch. Continuous care is required for a year.
  • At least once a week, plants were planted in dry water.
  • A feed on an Asala Kamalia product in March, June and August.
  • Control tea in white and insects with a systematic pesticide found in the garden centers.
  • Finish all the stubble by late May.

If you want to give a lot of cameras, you may want to find Harry P. Lu Gardens Orlando and Mead Garden are in the winter season near Winter Park.

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