Thursday , June 8 2023

Digital Time: Airports starting in the first half of this year are redesigning 2 health check-ups


Airpeds continue to be crashing for Apple. However, in this phase, which began 2 years ago, the tech community expected when the Airports 2 would be arriving, the first hardware update to the Apple Wireless Airbeds.

Apple's A2 will be launched in the first six months of 2019. Digital Monitoring systems will be redesigned for health care activities.

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The Apple product is a mixed record when it comes to rumors of the product. The idea of ​​adding health features to the airport has been assumed for some time by analyzes, but this is the first distribution network we hear about the subject.

Air ports are very small and it is difficult to imagine what health surveillance features contained in it. Although a small accelerometer can determine body movements, these angles are on the Apple watch and are now the motion of the iPhone.

Airpeds will face only small interconnected batteries in the drug, which includes an optical heart rate monitor – for example – not positive.

Bloomberg earlier said that low-end airports would begin at the start of 2019, which is currently the most expensive option for current 159 airports. This does not specify features. This & # 39; s & # 39; The variant digitize will be described. An Apple company experimenting with biometric sensors for airports is bloated in the Bloomberg report, which makes the product healthier, but not detailed.

From September 2017, the Apple Appliance Wireless Charging case apple apple. Many reserve the release of the charging case AirPower has been receiving repeated delays in the market. In fact, a & # 39; AirPodes 2 & # 39; s in the Wireless Charging case. There will not be, so we do not know what it refers to in the past.

Apple has always made this case an optional additional, so the current AirPods can buy a new wireless case. Perhaps, airports fill out 2 new case standard.

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