Tuesday , March 21 2023

DCC suspended for threatening Ebola threat after Benazir Bhutto


The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) officials said that Ebola threatened in eastern Beni region. The disease has worsened in the country's history.

Health Minister Oli Inga Ganesha, Saturday, Tuesday, Saturday, Benin, a few meters away from a local emergency center, from the hotels of various response teams in the Northern Kivu province.

The Alliance of Peacekeepers from the United Nations Mission in Georgia (Moussaac) CYour North Bochane is late Friday night.

Seven Malavian and a Tanzanian peacekeeper were killed.

Olive leaves All suspensions were suspended. The emergency operation center was closed. "Ebola health workers have stayed in their hotels," he said.

On Saturday, 16 employees of the World Health Organization (WHO) temporarily evacuated temporary workers in the building they had enclosed.

WHO coordinator Michele Yao told AFP news agency Ebola response to the baby. He said that no one was injured and that Shell had come from ADF and Monocco.

Olive leaves Occupation is "dangerous, especially in Benin".

A new Ebola pandemic has been confirmed by ninety men in the country and 47 settled in the bodies of 47 bodies. Most of these are the provinces of North Central Province, which are the provinces. Terrorist and terrorist attacks for decades.

Bad outbreaks

According to the World Health Organization, 358 confirmed and potential cases have been reported in the country.

A total of 318 cases of molestation in 1976 were found in the Equator Province in the name of Yambuku.

"Any other epidemic in the world is a complexity that we are facing now," Olive leaves Over the past week, an average of three or four times a week has been attacked by extraordinary attacks when compared to the nine previous changes in the country.

"After arriving in the region, the response teams are threatened, physical attacks, repeating their equipment and kidnapping, Olive leaves.

On Saturday, The incident took place last night when peacekeepers were killed in the attack.

In December 2017, at least 15 soldiers were killed in an ADF attack on a monoscope in Beni.

In the Uganda neighborhood in the 1990's, the armed group was formed. It operates in the border areas of DRV North Kivu Province, Uganda.

There is a brutal reputation in the editor of Beni. Hundreds of civil deaths in the last three years, as well as gang rape and children's military offenses.

Al Jazeera, news agencies

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