Tuesday , September 27 2022

Chinese artificial sun increases with 100 million degrees Celsius


The probe for the fusion is a major step forward in China – the power of the Sun is in the same power, unlimited, clean energy source. The Academy of Sciences of China, the scientists of their & # 39; artificial sun & # 39; Fusion reactor test announced – it's 100 million degrees Celsius. Six times hot water as the center of the original sun.

Scientists from around the world work for nuclear integration. Compared to the nuclear split that splits the atoms into energy, there will be a very strong nucleus to increase the proportion of fusion between the fuels. This interaction creates a plasma.

The main problem with fusion reaction is the required conditions to create 150 million degrees Celsius (270 million degrees Fahrenheit) with high pressure and temperature. If so, the sun's center is 15 million degrees Celsius.

To control the energy, the plasma should be suspended in a reactor. But like the sun the plasma will explode. When this happens, it can be easily lost when you touch plasma with the reactor's wall.

Sunset sunset It is well known for China's experimental supercompany topagink, an artificial sun. Hips / EAST team

Scientists at the Hafeee Institute of Physical Science, a part of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, have been conducting a trial in the nuclear collaboration since 2006. Program-Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamac (E) – Artificial Sun "Because of the nature of the scientists are trying to achieve.

In recent years scientists working on the project have announced a number of projections. They said that last year Plasma was suspended for 100 seconds in a stable stadium – a world record for this achievement.

Plasma now produces 100 million degrees Celsius. It is one of the basic elements of this gathering. Therefore, to reach this milestone is a big success in directing this power source.

Many milestones need to be overcome before it becomes a dynamic source of energy during high temperatures. These reactors build a stop-resistant reactor, which is then barred from plasma, and then these cheap devices are being upgraded to make it commercially profitable.

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