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Check out all the big pocking scenes from the Detective Pyacach trailer


Video games, trading cards, animation, traders, Pokeman And finally makes their live action debut next year. Collecting gym badges and putting anonymous searches into place alternatives like em all, first live activity Pokeman From the movie it comes from the queue Big Detective Pequody Video game. Within a few months, fans are curious about what's in the story Detective picturedNow we're finally thankful to the first trailer for some footage.

It responds to the internet response Detective pictured The trailer is a joy, and it's the best in the movie. More importantly, there will be plenty of Pokémon appear Detective pictured The only electrically charged mouse. As soon as the trailer is learned, it will suddenly appear from cricketers like Charmander, Dodri, Skirre and Pidzote. However, because of this feature, get the screen time to more emphasis and let's go through all the Pokemon.

Picked up

Let's get something clear from the day. For decades Picasso Pokeman The franchise's mascot, even those who do not know about pocket sachises can be identified. From mouse-to-eye to its powerful electric invasions, there is much to love about knuckles Detective picturedIn a new light, many people will see life. With a remarkable slander, picking up is like any other poker. As it is now Big Detective Pequody The video game, like a silicate man, speaks like a man.

Detective picturedRyan Reynolds refers to the poker. Like his video game counter, he is more intelligent than your average Pikachu and uses his brain to solve the secret, so why does he have that Sherlock hat? He shares with Smith Smith's Tim Goodman for this film. This Picasso is the only man who speaks English. The tick track will help the father of the father missing, and their journey will be combined with positive moods.


Who are you looking at? Pokeman Remembering Milk's Pizza in the Ashes is a pleasant character. Instead of changing the pokin misty instead of pokin mice, she often brought her out of the pickup from the belt. She chose it a few times. It is basically useless. However, shortly after the headache of the site was injured, intensify strong anti-cyber attacks and deactivate opponents.

For Detective pictured, A reporter with Tim Goodman, followed by Catherine Newton's Lucie Stevens with Peter. This Psyduck is hard to tell what we can expect. But like the rest of this kind, this is a beautiful sight on the face. It is unbearable Detective pictured The movie will be transformed into a shoot. When Lucy Payasken is transformed into Goledek, it becomes more interesting but less interesting.

Bulbasser and Morilill

Major majority Pokeman Video games, i.e. & # 39; versions, & # 39; You will provide a choice of a grass-type, fire-type or water type to the starter poker. In Generation 1, a.k.a. Pokkin red And Blue (Its reversals), the Bulbasaur grass-type, evolved into the etisaurum and later Venus. Ash ash, a militant, was caught as a Pokemon coach. The FIG Detective pictured In the trailer, we're a crowded bubbling bear with a creep, behind the back of the tim and pick up (sleeping or muffing).

Many of the mottola and grass / fayre-type pokemon shinect are transformed into the bulbasaur. Morrell presented at the beginning of seventh generation The sun And The moon Epoch. It's very fun to look at, but like Bulbsaur, it's hard to say whether they have any kind of fun or if they're here for decoration.


In the early days we have a different Pokemon that comedy has Pokeman Anime. Jigfuff (evolving in Wigglytuff, then a pre-evolution of Eglibach) is a typical / tread-type known for a single attack. In animated, a special giggop on revolving main characters and trying to show it to a surprise singer. Unfortunately, loud voice is always going to sleep, and the giggypp will then use the marker looking at the microphone to draw on their faces.

It is found in jiggluff Detective pictured There are the same mails, when we see a sleeping man in a café, Giggs seems to have caught some zones to its audience. I hope that I will not rent a juglip for this cafe tonight, because singing in public places ensures that your passengers are not going to order any other night.


Did I talk about starter poke? Well, in Generation 1, if you need a fire-typing, the charger will be your liking, it moves to Chamonnie, just as you see above, charzard. Although charismard is not very popular in pyaccus, it is an incredible fire and a dragon (similar to a dragon type). Ash Kachm's Charmander became a charisma. It was not the execution of that command at that time. Later it became loyal to that child.

For Detective pictured, Compete Ring to fight an underground Pokemon with a charisma, I would be surprised if it is dominated by it. This is not good for Picasso that we can see when the trailer that fights against this charismard is over. Fortunately, Chardard is a fire-flying-type, and electric moves are useful for flying types. Therefore, the worst attack from Chakyar is to bring down.


Like Morrici, Grangejia is a new pokemon, the sixth debut on Generation X And Y Epoch. A water / dark type, gradient evolving from the fujjar, is the final form of the flow. If you've ever wondered if a frog is like a human psyche, this is what you get. In the Ash Kahlo area, Frachi was caught. It then evolved into Grenzhen.

Displays three Greeneja Action Lee Leaks Detective pictured The trailer, so that's a lot. But later in the preview, you can follow this greeninence after Pequody, so you can guess whether they work for the movie's main adversary, or whether Tim, Piccos, or others are working.

Mm m

Finally, the mimic / fairy type of mimi (reconstructed with the expression of the mimo junior) is the original 151 Pokémon. The most remarkable is Mim Mash Ash Katcham Ammu, where Aam is doing domestic work to get a place to stay there.

While the Mimi Mission Speaks in Impression and makes your voice in video games, Detective pictured Right, proudly, it is muted. You know like a real mime! Mimi to penetrate me "" It's great for Picasso's concern. When he attempts to make "bad copy", he suddenly arrives at Bari. This will be a mustard plant to crack.

Detective pictured Hit on theaters on May 10, 2019 and continue to cinematic brunch due to continuous coverage. In the meantime, let's look at the 2019 release schedule and see how other movies of the year are released.

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