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Challenges of Annual Loss of Bolnawana Diamonds …


The Bodwasana Diamonds PLC today announced the financial meltdown due to its financial challenges in the country.

On Monday morning, the Sensex fell by 5.5 per cent.

In the quarter ending June, the GBP increased to 557,657. In the corresponding period last year, GBP310,798 was reported.

This year, the Botswana Diamonds explained and used some licenses in the company owned by Sunland Minerals Pty Ltd. So, directors have decided to disrupt exploring these licenses.

Botswana has not generated any revenue during the Diamond Era, as it has now developed projects in South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.

The company expanded into South Africa two years ago with the company Wootomii, a subsidiary of a portfolio of assets in South Africa. In this year, the Bodwana Diamonds South Africa portfolio examined the development options for its major project on the Thorni River and decided to discontinue development.

Once the approvals are finalized, the royalties will start to flow to Woolo at the end of 2019. Botswana Diamonds said. At the low cost, the company will be allowed to work on a case resource.

Botswana has two projects: Sunland Minerals and Maybove. The Sunland Mineral Target was found and no strong results were found.

Botswana Diamonds intends to concentrate on Botswana's activities, even if a challenge is exploring. In the country, the sand is being covered by the company – to the desert desert – the place where the exploration strategies strike.

Finally, Zimbabwe has collaborated with the company to develop diamond enterprises using the London Listing Vistar Residential Plc along with a special purpose vehicle. Early work was found to find several targets for plasse deposits and the ability of older communities that were excavated elsewhere in the area.

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