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Avoids ASD symptoms in children

In a new study for patients with autism aged 18, Thomas Ben Gurion University (BG) and Soroka University Medical Center found that oxygen spectrum disorders are suitable for gastric as a treatment. Safe and effective option to avoid symptoms, including secreations, tics, depression, disturbance, and anger.

In a published study Scientific reports"Overall, more than 80 percent of parents have reported moderate advancements in their children," says Lihai Bar-Lev Schilder, a BIR-Soroka Clinical Cannabis Research Institute.

Autistic spectrum disorder (ADD) is an extensive developmental disease which is evident in almost every aspect of the child's development. Diversified developmental disorders (PDD) that are subject to various diseases and symptoms are common.

Doctor of the Bigger New Jersey Autism Center "We analyzed the data we analyzed as part of the treatment program of 188 ASD patients who treat medical tranquility between 2015 and 2017. Most patients also include ganja 30% canbibaidol oil (CBD) and 1.5% tetahydirkanaanabenol (TCC). , Patient's global assessment, side effects And the primary effectiveness.

About 30% of the patients have achieved considerable progress in six months. There was a modest growth of 53.7 per cent. 15 per cent had little or no change.

The ability to perform the activities of everyday life of life and mental status was evaluated before six months before treatment. 31.3 percent of patients with good living standards prior to treatment initiated. During the six months period, the best quality of life has increased to 66.8%. Before the treatment, 42% of patients were infected and six months after 63.5%.

Can be freed from free treatment and improved soft drinks. Only one quarter (26.4%) had a problem before treatment. 42.9% improved the ability to dress up and free in six months.

Cannabic oil drugs have improved sleep and alertness. Good sleep and compounds are 3.3%, 24.7% from zero percent and 14% in active therapy respectively.

"The patients and improve the standard of living is not only safe for the treatment of ASD kanbabis to improve the symptoms of ASD, ASD, we believe that more understanding of the nirnnayakamanenn double-blind, plebea-controlled trials in patients with prabhavattekkuricc kancavinre. Victor's see, BG-seareakka Clinical Research in kanabis Rrirryutt.

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