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At least 24 people have been killed in Somalia

Johannesburg: US military spokesman said 24 al-Shabab militants were killed in a Soviet militant in Somalia.

Mogadishu was attacked in northern Hiran region near a militant camp near Shegel in northern Afghanistan.

This is the 9th US air strike this year. Last year, the United States had carried out over 50 invasions across Africa against al-Shabab, related to al-Qaeda, the most intensive Islamic extremist group in Africa.

Al Shabaab claims that a hotel complex was being attacked in Kenya. In this month, 21 people died. The terrorist group targeting Kenya as a vengeful retaliation for bombing Somalia, bombing blasts in Mogadishu, government offices and checkpoints.

The organization also accused the government of dumping humanitarian aid in the drought-prone country and cheating people into spending money on the attack.

This declaration was made to support the Somali army. US intends to put pressure on recruitment efforts in Al-Shabaab, particularly in the southern and Somalia regions. Terrorist camps and other safe hairs.

Civilians have never been killed or wounded in the latest airspace.

On July 19, An Afghan soldier killed 52 al-Shabab militants in central Juba area. A large group attacked Somali troops. A Somali intelligence officer says that Somali and Kenya are working with 400 militants within a month to attack the forces.

In October, about 60 people were killed near the Al Shabaab restricted community in Haradere in the central province of Mudug province.

After the defeat of President Donald Trump in Somalia, al-Shabaab was attacked. Experts say that it will take more than the avant-garde to defeat terrorists.


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