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Arkec oil that does not fit with climate change targets, UK support for gas drooling, warning MPs

If it takes seriously the international responsibilities of protecting the planet, it must withdraw support for the oil and gas ceasefire in the Arctic region.

Human activity is already pushing the border into the border. That's why snowmakers migrate to the spectacular ecosystems of the seaside, and countries look at its precious natural resources.

The remaining heat of the Arctic planet is rising. The result is unusual weather patterns in Britain – for example this year's "East Beast".

Despite these issues, the government highlighted the importance of exploring the fuel companies on the Oracle's fossil "for decades."

The Environment Audit Committee has warned that the UK's position does not match the Paris Climate Agreement and UN Sustainable Development Goals when asked to the United Nations to eliminate ecological disorders.

Although technically not an artistic state, the British Presidency has been named as an observer at the Arctic Council.

MPs asked in their report that the Arctic Wild Life would use their influence in the US and Russia council to protect human beings.

"If there is anywhere in the world to apply sustainable development principles, it's artik," said chairwoman Mary Keragra.

"It is necessary to accept the integration of support for oil and gas exploitation on climate change, which can be set up with sustainable development goals and set goals."

Current trends suggest that the Arctic ocean will be covered by the summer of 2050. Commercial Opportunities for Resources and Cruise Ships

Emergency threats to the emergence of human presence result in oil leakage and sea breakdown. The long-term balconies and oil reserves of the article continue to erupt, and the warming of the Earth will be.

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However, the variations in the region attract the wider foreign interest in the region. Government MPs have been asked to influence the country's long-term tradition of art research.

"If you are interested in the Arctic region from China and Singapore, make sure that Britain continues to be an important player in its care"

We're trying to pay for the research and strengthening of UK-based production.

Dr Stevenson, a sustainable development researcher at OUU University, Alexandra Middleton, "Arctic should look like the only natural resources and minerals."

Roddoway, a principal polar counselor in WWF, said: "Remember what happens in the Arctic region does not exist in the Arctic.

"The UK government, business and artistic sustainable development need to be careful with no zero priority in the domestic system – our proven & # 39; s cold & # 39; report this month will be completed by 2045.

"British oil and gas companies, it's time to arrive once more ice-off."

A government spokesman said: "We are foolish in our suggestion that we should not be committed to fulfilling the goal of the Paris Agreement, which we do not encourage Arctic oil and gas exploration.

"Our economy is rapidly darling than any other G20 country, the first in the world to legitimize our emissions, and we will continue to maintain high standards if it aims to reduce emissions including artistic states.

"The world leader in defense of climate change is UK, but we must do more, this report will be studied carefully."

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