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African shutterown mashroom all over Africa

Internet access on the African continent has been intensely over the past two years. According to Robert Basingling, an analyst at Exx Africa, Africa's risk-assessment firm Exx Africa. Over the last four weeks, internet access has been suspended for at least political and political turmoil than African governments.

This will help to spread information like Zimbabwe and hit countries that depend on internet-based commercials, "he said.

We have predicted 21 shadows of Africa in 2018. In the first three weeks of the year 2019 we have seen five countries: Cameroon, as well as the most prominent Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Sudan incursion, the Gabonan government's coup is a bit more subdued, "Bezaling said.

These five countries generally have a single thing: recent political imbalance. The Congolese operation ended in a disputed, controversial, controversial, long-term election and on its continent. In Zimbabwe, fuel price escalation has led to more attacks by security officials.

On the occasion of the December 30 vote, Sylvain Salucayk, a Democratic resident of the Democratic-Youth Organization, tried to fight with his associates in the province of Luza. .

"It was a major obstacle," he said, "and beyond that, we could always exchange information or exchange information to exchange that information, arrest someone or go to any dangerous situations or dangerous situations."

Harare in Zimbabwe checks the mobile phone outside the internet cafe.

Harare in Zimbabwe checks the mobile phone outside the internet cafe.

The flow of information is the venue of this internet shorter. The Edgar Minusi of the Zimbabwe Association of Human Rights claims: The other rights groups claim that it is a claim that is a strategy that extends to Zimbabwe and human rights violations.

"Tatayukayallate people from the self-organizing, night and day, night and in the things occurring in the media, the international community, karuttavarggannal, karuttavarggannal, during the night and went on the Internet ataccuputtalukalilum krurakrtyannal. If you know of Zimbabwe civil society leaders and activists, most of the stars in the night Taken and, where they were now, no one knows. "

Some of the African telecom companies are under state control, with African countries declining or slowing down the Internet services.

The price is going up, he says.

"If you want to end the Internet across geography of a financially important country, you're probably going to have a very high cost, for example, countries like Kenya have to spend $ 6.3 million a day, and if the internet is closed across the country.

The loss is caused by interruptions in Internet accessible stock, commodity price indexes, e-commerce and non-banking companies in information networks.

He said there are other irreparable losses that can get reliable information about your loss, or perhaps in times of difficulty when you lose contact with your loved ones.

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