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& # 39; The Flash & # 39; Repeat: Season 5 Episode 7 – Sikada's Trajic Past revealed

Father and daughters were totally different on this weekend FlashWhen Nora grew up with Barry's Door duo, the little girl of the climate visa attacked Central City. Sikada's background was revealed.

While the disappearance of the weather is in the central city, the cause of the near death of the bar, when a depression is on the side of Nora, is suspected to have been responsible for the Marc Mardon or weather wizard. The visit to Irene Hydez, where the season was just 1 meter – was pitched in the roof of a baby's upper jail, and with Martin's daughter Joss. Pipe and Daddy Think that there are jazz spring jazz, giving her a fixed time limit for making her pop.

After studying from Mardan, Jose is not getting closer – his baby's father was thrown into the black market – with the help of mail technologies, it was clear that the weather team was using weather forecasts. At Meerat, Barry oppresses a market. He pulled her down, and was not a "daddy's" selfishness. But it is true Hologram Madden's control was controlled by Iris faraway. Fleeting of flat wardrobes, weather central city salaries and flash fraud.

After the near death of the bar, Norah is in a mistaken mood, Eris's decision to make a wrong decision She is Helpless before the bar After the Hollagram incident, however, he went to the Nora Bari He is "You do not seem to get me a coin if you lose me." Nora explains that she was very angry with her father's disappearance. Her hatred, however, because she is the hero How toIs she the only one before she goes to 2018?) Nora offers a solution, for Barry to leave Bolt, so saved him in the future. After all, if she loses a father who knows her so much, she will do it badly More at this time.

The only way to climate with the climate is the sand dish of fish mardon for iis nora. The weather's capital, Barmic Barry, conveys. When Jesse is stabbed by a whirlwind cyclist, with the approval of Nora – all the lightning discharge uses the warrant to go to the corner, Everything that power. He survived and stopped it through the jazz, koing her and hiding in some metallic cuffs.

Later, Nola says why he should sacrifice his father to save others even if he feels that his family is likely to be removed. But when he comes to save people, Barr explains that he is the most joke Nora. He does not choose flash Over Family; He is flash For His family. If the future is asked, he will Love it Nara, save yourself to save Iris.

Everyone – including Cisco and Sherlock, and Killer Frost and Keiltley appeared after the fraud of the "Thanksgiving" – And a gathering of gatherings is collected.

Flash Sicada OrliniIn the meantime, a recent call to Buick's outside of the barrister's Omine Dyer Care Center rang.

Grace, daughter of Orwell's sister and husband, was killed in a metaphysical attack. Orland was one of those big losers at that time. Parents were not interested. But after one or more livelihoods for breakfast go an ear from Grace about how he hates himself, he swore to change his ways and work with his niece.

During one year of celebration of that promise, one year they began to look for solutions when they got home together and enlightened. As a madman, a broken remnant was used with the drug Orlin Shadow, using drugs, and Grace was unconscious. On the bed of Grace, hearing about the new grade of gradeluck, the Orinine neck was pulled from the room and drawn out of the room throughout his hands. Then he says: "Every metaphor shall perish."

In today's past, Orin grips a point to see the traders – a price tag for Sherlock, and he has caught the team flip in the CCTV: "I'm presenting you Orlin Dwyer," "Sacada!

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