Saturday , June 10 2023

Winning most of the awards was easy, and Jenny was able to "break" twice


A summary of the prizes awarded to "Cannon Charts Music Award 2019":

"Artist (Digital)" (11 Artists of the Year): Iconic, Roy Kim, Bigbang, Double, BOL4, BlackPink, Double, Red Velvet, Lim Chongjang, IU, Jenny

"Artist of the Year (Album)" (4 Winners of Qualcomm): One Hundred, BTS, BTS, Exo

"That year's Reiki of the Digital": (g) i-d, hein

"Album of the Year (Album)": IZ * ONE, Stray Kids

"Best Performance of the Year": SEVENTEEN

"Global Rookie of the Year": Mommold, The Boys

"Discovery of the Year": Ben (Balad), Punch (R & B)

"Composer / songwriter of the year": Ce Genie, Teddy

"Style of this (costume designer, choreographer)": G Eony, Son Songkuk

"The Performance Artist of the Year (concert and chorus)": Jean Jae, Kim Mejung, Shin Tsangon

"World Halo Star Star Award": Sevenen

"International Song of the Year": "Havana" (Kamila Cabale)

"The Highest Radio Song of the Year": "LOVE SCENARIO" (iKON)

Jung Diocollo "Famous singer of the year": Jung Dekachol

"Lifetime Achievement Award": BTS

"Production Award": Iconic Staff

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