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Which team gets more strength in the AFI?


The Lahore competition will be held on November 8 from the ATF Cup in Vietnam. Despite the "threat" from the opponent, the Vietnamese team won a match 3-0. Not only does the score change, but Vietnam is still more competitive than Vietnam, but the Vietnamese football goalkeeper Van Lam will be able to win at least 90 minutes.

It takes eight days to take on the preparation for the Vietnam national team, because if you look at the major tournaments in the world, there is no team for eight days to play in the next game. Secondly. However, the coach's teacher park did not affect the style of Hang Si, the Vietnamese team made a good match and won the Malaysia 2-0.

The Vietnam team (Red Shirt) will be shown on foot in front of Malaysia

The Vietnam team (Red Shirt) will be shown on foot in front of Malaysia

Malaysia is only a few with Laos and Vietnam in the competition. The team of Tan Cheng hoos of Koch is just a free kick. But goal-keeper Wan Lam should not have had a ball to beat him.

To ensure that Malaysia does not play well ahead of Vietnam, if you perform at Cambodia, they have found that they are not very successful. In Vietnam, coach Park Hang Sue took over defensive defenses, and Malaysia has doubled in the proportion of their time.

Malaysia's main attack is that the ball was parked in the park. Traditional shots prove that the players face difficulty and their ball returns directly to their own country. That's it. Because there is no sharp attack, the Malaysian power is dangerous.

Of course, the main reason for Malaysia's "kissing" is indeed the Vietnam team's best defense potential. Especially in the coach park hong ocean 90s, territories have additional tanks, which help each other. Malaysia should not go like a picture due to the good organizers of the team.

In the match against Malaysia, Vietnam's biggest reputation is the defense strategy of Coach Park Hangzhou. There are two goals from Germany's structure, however, there are two goals from the Congo Fuhong, yet Vietnam can also create opportunities. There really is not in the competition with Malaysia.

The Malaysia Cup (Yellow Shirt) in the EF Cup is not a matchless game after three matches

The Malaysia Cup (Yellow Shirt) in the EF Cup is not a matchless game after three matches

The Vietnamese team will have a better performance in the AFF Cup in 2018. The question is whether the matches between Vietnam and Myanmar and Cambodia will be played in the last two rounds of the group. The answer is not one, because Mymoonar and Cambodia are not competing with Vietnam. Now, importantly, Vietnam should not proceed.

After winning two victories, the sixth-wicket pair of the Vietnamese team has reached the semi-finals. In the worst possible way to go to semifinals in Vietnam, home ground with Cambodia is 24.11. So there is absolutely no doubt that Vietnam will be very smooth. The Park Hang Sioux Guard Army should be considered. Furthermore, results from Table B should be checked. Competitors are matched to semi-finals.

So, in the AFL Cup group of 2018, the Vietnam team will not show their highest strength. After the group stage, the opponents will be "snake" and the team must play in knockout mode.

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