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Which other horn is high?

Wednesday, November 28, 18:00 16:00 pm (GMT +7)

Rosewood and sandstone have different characteristics to differentiate from outside.

The little boy is the flesh of birds? Other horns are not upright? - 1

Mr. Tuva caught the birds under his hair.

In the case of a man who rarely falls as a rare bird to a rosewood, the Mancover community is "awake," Man Van Thai, director of the Tan Nine Provincial FPD, said. Learn and learn the basic information.

He posted on Facebook and now lives in QCCD. With this transfer he confirmed the publication of photos. However, the birds are borrowing only to take photos posted on Facebook and do not eat meat.

Tuva, Sui Ngoo Commune, paved the way for the wedding, going to the road through the Tan Chan District, Tin-Chin province, to see the weird bird for 120,000 / children. Then, instead of purchasing tune, I was bought from the photo shoot, "Tan Wan provincial FPD director Man Van Thai said.

The little boy is the flesh of birds? Other horns are not upright? - 2

A real red rose photo. (Photo: infonate)

However, sellers of tune birds do not find a place to buy such a tune Nivin provincial FedD. Therefore, the police investigation of this case will be required to examine the reality. Tuven Resident, Q Police Station.

"But the Pantry Parties are included in Appendix 2 – Wildlife Wildlife and Flora (CITES) are a conventional trade deal in racist international trade.The purchase of a $ 150 million total value with high sandy will be criminalized and 50 million to 300 million fine, The flower is a rare and protected priority and the purchase of 01 is also a criminal prosecution, "he said.

Because of the cause of the bird's bird, he said: large trumpets, fruiting at a height of 1 m, the bird in the picture is 45 cm. Out of Furthermore, the emperor can weigh about 4 kg and the sand is only 1.5 kg. (According to Mr Tuwan, filming is only 0.5 kilograms per bird).

The little boy is the flesh of birds? Other horns are not upright? - 3

Photo realist bird sand. (Fig: Nha Tath Tuang tourism)

The next thing to be noted is yellow flowers, while the bird has a weight of pear. Also, the bells have a black stomach, and the white sand in the stomach is usually different from the white stomach.

"If it's a thorn, nobody's going to do that because it's selling it off the market for only ivory value," says director of Tan Nin Provincial Forest Protection Department.

Similarly, the bird told sand, said Bin Van Phu, director of the Binh Phuoc Provincial FPD.

"These are the big cats (the size of the geese), the dark beak called the Phoenix, the smaller the picture, the size of the chicken and the pale yellow, so I think it's the roof of a royal brain, but that's just a picture, but the reality is, "He said.

Two rare perfumes were examined by the victim

A man showed the flesh of two red roses – three times more expensive than an elephant.

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