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Vietnam is active and responsible, and local economic relationships are cultivated


Vietnam is active and responsible, and local economic relationships are cultivated

On November 18, Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc and the Vietnamese High Representative Group Hanoi were present at the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit. APEC) was held in Papua New Guinea.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc embarks on APEC leaders
Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc embarks on APEC leaders

Two days, from 17 to 18, the Prime Minister has a high-profile program: attendance, exchange, exchange ideas, leaders of the afternoon APEC leaders, APE leaders International Monetary Fund (IMF), 14 leaders of the Pacific Island, APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC) ), Meetings New Zealand Prime Minister, Vanuatu, Thailand, and many Pacific islands Heads of bilateral relations, and the chief of the special administrative region of Hong Kong. Vietnam trade in APEC, including some large corporations …

The Prime Minister made a strong statement in the meetings Trade, promotion of liberalization of investment, support for the World Trade Organization, economic integration, sustainable development, the transformation of the digital economy and the transition..

From the APEC summit in Dang Ning, the situation is complicated and complicated than the international situation; The global economy threatens the stability of world trade, with signs of instability, new challenges, unprecedented precautions. It requires members' collaboration, cooperation and relationship.

About three decades back, APEC succeeded in creating "nurseries" for regional economic ties with its 21-member states. Epic must always bear the role and continuity of a "nursery" for the new ideas. APEC is a requirement for the Asia Pacific to become a global technology.

APEC needs to create new promotions for growth, trade, investment, connectivity and development, so no one else is enjoying the fruits. Globalization and economic integration in digital age. Furthermore, APEC has assured us as a major regional economic forum. APEC 2018 Summit APEC plays an important role in supporting open and transparent, compelling, legitimate and legitimate multinational trading systems. In the new context, the WTO requires that the partnership be strengthened, strengthened and developed.

As a major regional economic integration mechanism, APEC has to actively promote co-ordination of financial co-operation, ANCN Economic Community, CPPPP and RCEP for self-regulatory ventures. Based on modern Pacific (FTAAP), it is based on the integrity and the interaction between interests of interaction and connectivity.

The PM suggests that APEC economies respect their cooperation very much, and: (i) Strengthening structural reforms to fill the gap between APEC economies. Accordingly, the unification is required "New APEC Agenda for Structural Reform" Member in the agenda in the economy. (ii) "APEC Cross Border Facilitation Facility Facilitation", "APEC Economic and Digital Economy Road Map", "Economic Action Program Number". (iii) Investment in Digital Infrastructure and implementation of digital conversion speed. The country's "Great Databases" building and efficient exploitation need to be increased in a comprehensive, reliable and secure direction. Special attention should be given to digital commercial infrastructure, development of financial technology, connecting new centers and promoting startups. Improving organizational and management skills The private sector and the public sector are available to absorb knowledge and to include advanced technology. (v) Support for cooperation in the digital economy, cooperation. The policies that support the developing economy in structural adjustment policies should be strengthened as a result of the advanced economies and the enhancement of their capabilities. Technology makes progress to improve connectivity in the digital revolution.

The leaders agreed to promote digital futures and digital economic activities in the summit, promote promotion and enhance capacity, develop and facilitate infrastructure. Numerical order to complicate digital divide; Participation in enterprises, particularly small and medium enterprises, all social and social sectors.

Conference agreed to promote open free trade and investment, structural reforms related to the digital economy, and better productivity in the service sector. Creating human resources by providing special emphasis on education and training and educating awareness about the development of the digital economy in society. They were committed to maintaining the dynamic of regional economic integration and cooperation. The CPPPP, RECEP, and Trade Agreement welcomed the conclusion of the comprehensive and high quality free trade agreements, Free trade in the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP). Members assure to promote sustainable and sustainable growth that protects the interests of the people at the center of all policies. Perform the APEC 2017 Action Plan in the comprehensive economic, economic, and social development sectors. Implementation of the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals in 2030

Cattakkutinanusaricc Conference, APEC and interacted with representatives of the business community and are based on senior leaders, the Prime Minister of Vietnam National Assembly on November 12, the laws, high-quality, open, free trade, investment and support, in combination with a thorough, active, active, resolute to integrate Vietnam Iscayam firm. Vietnam's economy tends to move into a big and progressive phase. The Prime Minister is encouraged to share industries, policies and investments in Vietnam to promote our policies. Make digital economy and mutual cooperation.

A number of ABAC members communicate in Vietnam for the recognition of the CPPP. Foreign businesses will be more confident in investing and doing business in Vietnam.

In the 20th anniversary of the Vietnamese entry of APEC (1998-2018), he participated in the 26th IPC Summit of the Prime Minister, AKEFUNF Fuix. This key regional forum is designed to create regional economic integration and donate to the public future of the games in order to ensure Vietnam active, active and responsible participation. Peaceful, sustainable and prosperous Asia Pacific societies

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