Friday , September 30 2022

Van Toh reminded the park that the young star


In the match against Laos, Van Howh became the first person to win a yellow card in Vietnam. That was a difficult time for Van Hue. After the first half it was decided to withdraw Van Howe for the coach park hang ceremony.

"Van Hậu has got a yellow card in the wrong situation, because if the tournament is too long because the penalty card is affected, I'll allow him to unfortunately not happen, and most of my project," Park explained to Van Vu to retire in the previous match.

Van How (left) was very sharp in attack and defense

Quiet at the critical moment. Photo: Fan Tung

In fact, van Hu was very hot from the U 17 rock, and penalties got so many times to be very angry. Coach Din Din Nagmay's performance indicates the weakness of this criterion, as opposed to emotional restrictions when the enemy has been badly hit by, provocateurs should sometimes be penalized for fine.

"After the game, Coach Hand Sea reminded me that I was calm in all situations and avoided all the unnecessary impact that caused the ticket," Van Howe said.

In addition, in the last few days, weather conditions were revealed. So he and his team were ready to face the worst situation in Malaysia and Malaysia. November 16. "More and more nails are ready to match long and wet stuff with my team, and the match with Malaysia is very important, I'm now very focused and ready to go." , Van How.

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