Wednesday , March 22 2023

Universal Public Works Act does not have the rules for criminals who swallow the country's technical facilities


The Amnesty Law (Amendment) passed the National Assembly on 92.99% of the total legislature. Judiciary committee chairman Lee Thin Nga said that the National Assembly (NN) has its own opinions. The Act also states that the Special Public Prosecution Act should not be given to the culprits. The materials of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the destruction of technical facilities and the detention of detainees. At the same time, the state president has directed the state president not to grant special public amendments in other cases, depending on specific circumstances.

The State President shall make a decision on the case of Special Public Map Services, if the failure of one of the following cases is prescribed during the period of imprisonment for a specified period. Conclusions of medical examinations councils, provincial level or higher level hospitals; individuals who are not voluntary; 70 years or older; Pregnant women or children below the age of 36 prisoners in prison, prison camps and temporary custody; In the difficult family background, as the only member of the family, the Peoples Committee of the Community is recognized.

Judicial committee chairman Lee Thin Nga said that in 2007, special amnesty was allowed to thousands and thousands of prisoners to implement special amnesty law. Each of the criminals is subject to crimes, fines, obligations to perform civil liberties, as well as various economic conditions. If all the provisions of the liability to refund the property are "completed, all cases will not be enforced to compensate for compensation or indemnification." As a result, the law allows a special public-market case, but compensates for compensation, compensation for compensation and other civil The obligation to cover liabilities is partially fulfilled, but falls in the most difficult financial circumstances If the provisions are not yet available for civil judgments, the remaining provisions of the Civil District Execution Act shall apply to the restriction of detainees. This property execution is the right to compensate, compensate, compensate, compensate, compensate, dispose of, and settle.

In separate cases, the summary report on special Amnesty law in the last 10 years has 14 separate cases of facing domestic and foreign needs of the state. Implementation was very challenging. The National Legislative Standing Committee therefore came forward to implement such a draft law. He took the initiative to decide the state president. At the same time, the draft law was amended to extend the Special Public Procedure in Special Special Punishment for the current suspended sentencing. These provisions come out of the jail before expiration. To ensure special ammonia compatibility.

Fan Tao

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