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Two young men were injured in midnight

Wednesday, November 28, 2012 21:00 pm (GMT +7)

One night a person was burned while a party activists cursed him. A seriously injured person died.

On November 28, a criminal custody of the Criminal Police Department of Wuong province province was issued by Lu Quan Ding (Boong Trang Commune, Quan Mok District 21, Bian Ri-Wong Tao Province) in Quinta, Fuqu District Happened in Mok District.

The young man burnt the tomb in the middle of the night - 1

Luni Dunne in the investigation team

Luiguan Dung car was trapped by Nangun Kwang Win (SNN 1999 in Zuyin Mock District) and was trapped 23 hours in the 23rd night on 27th November.

Tuwong Van Dung (Sueen Mok District of Fuuk Bui Commune in 1987) Win Trugan Truong Van Look (SN 1968, Dad Dung), and Tran Deng (SN 1963).

The relief from sleep depraved, and Luc and Mr. Đn spoke loudly with Chuan Dung.

Quong Ding took a 17 second knife in a little drunken man. Then came across the louq and mystery around the house.

Drank died on the spot because of a severe neck. Mr. Luke rushed into the emergency with serious injuries.

After receiving the information, Cyjan Mok assisted police district 02 Police Ria-Wing Touche Office to help capture the object.

On November 28, he was arrested on suspicion of concealing Luyuan Dung, Vytu kiu hamlet, fuk tan commune, and zuine mock district.

The reason for murder is murder

Many guests were singing at the wedding, there was tension on both sides, and strangled guests by a knife.

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