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Two Vietnamese players were honored


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In the 2019 tournament, the Asian Cup will be played


Alirez Beiravand (Iran): Even if Iran is more praised than Iran, Iran is experiencing wind and wind. Iran was punished in the second moment. Goalkeeper Alesassa Bevanwand scored the best score. To avoid the goal, Iran has helped create more concessions. Also, during the match, this guard has some notable rescue situations.


He played well against Hong Jord


Lee Yong (South Korea): Lee Yong played a major role in the right wing. Football keeps an eye on the opponent at full speed attack stage. Recently, Lee Lee made two goals in the tournament against Bahrain.

Takahi Tommishu (Japan): Not only did the defense stand, but midfielder Tocerao Tomisshaw, the only goal of helping strong opponent Saudi Arabia in Japan.

The hemis hiss (qatar): Iraq's dangerous Mohanad Ali detonator Bashhim Hissam with "kill" helped Qatar to win the quarterfinals in the Qatar quarterfinals, and the free-free company also scored the same goal.

Nguyen Trong Hoang (Vietnam): Hoong Treng has been described as a "endless machine" with a great deal of physical strength. A player with 120 minutes is in the game against Jordan. Engage player Kung Fuong also scored for Vietnam.


Hang Dang contested against Jordan


Khalil Bani Atya (Jordan): Jordan's shuttle midfielder became an infinite energy source as "the new kan". This player has been beaten for 120 minutes. Without him, the Jordanian Vietnam team would not be able to stand up.

Do Hing Dang (Vietnam): The dumb withdrawal of Hugh Hanks has been the lowest midfield in the backdrop, making it the dumb midfielder. He attended all the hot water on midnight. Successfully dismissed. In addition, Hong Dung shorts continued.

Jackson Irwin (Australia): Jackson Irwin's aggressive performance in the middle-order was actively contested against Australia's Uzbekistan. In addition, the team of the middle of the Oceania has been slowly shaking the team from the Adelaide team.

Lee Tsing Wu (Korea): During the day, the zone Hayen Min was not too obvious, and during the second half Lee Zheng Wo made a difference to Korea. , He could score.) In addition, he ran actively to attract enemy soldiers.

Matthew Lackey (Australia): After being released in the second half, Jordan's defensive exchanged several times with Matthew Lackey. In addition, midfielder is a penalty decision on penalty shootout.

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Messi and Korea's Lee Tsing Wu played well for the Bahrain

Go ahead

Ziao Sini (China): After three minutes to compare Thailand, Siyoo Sihi made it a goal. Hundreds of people will be able to finish the swimming pool with the national team.

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