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Tuvian Ann and Kyuan Trugan pair in the Vietnam Tolle

Tuvian Ann and Kyuan Trugan pair in the Vietnam Tolle

Midfolders Redward

Tuuvan Anne and Suwon Turogon are both midfielder made by the Vietnamese Football team. While the U19 played in Vietnam, both have shown possibilities in midfield. At that time, Yu was thinking of making Anu's ability to communicate and communicate with the young couple of Vietnam.

The first round was won in the German League. In the first leg of the league, Tungu and Zhu Trangong beat the team. When the player is healthy, do not let another injured man lose.

At the national level, the duo's hold on the last minute is on October 6, 2016. At that time, they both toured Vietnam 5-2. In the club's current championship, Tuan Anh and Qian Tughug, the HAGL match was held on 17th March, 2016.

Tuvian Ann and Kyuan Troubleshooting

Thenuan was severely injured in that period, and he has no partner with the queens tugongs in the middle. So, when Tuvan returns, he is hoping he will be back with Kyuan Tugong in the quarterfinals.

However, in the current situation, that ability is not easy.

Queen Truong fails in Qing Hai

Coach Park Hang Seas 2 is averse to using 2 midfielders, in which an organization plays the role of midfielder bearer, coordination of the game, and the task of clearing and defending the other. In addition to the duo Hugo-Suwon Turgong in Asian countries, 2018, the ASIAD was successful in Hong Kong in 2018, or the main event of the Huy Hung-Quang Hai Aaf Cup 2018.

In current midfielms, the midfielder serves as Quaid Trug and Kwang Hai. Under Xiang Truong, the less competitions are being played with Kwang Hai, while performing on performance in both sides of Hanoi FC (Zon Truong) and INAAT Statistics.

2 midfielder's performance for the club in the 2019 season

* Statistics: Install

Qian Trangong Quang hai
War 5 19
Accurate / matching 11 (77%) 26 (82%)
Create opportunities / contests 0.6 2.2
Tectonics 1 9

In the case of Quang Hei, three strikes have been created with Ank Duk, Co Phuong or Van Thon, a chance to take the main stone position in midfield for the new Xuan Truong.

The Duke High Hue, tun Anne is better than the Hang Dung

In the defense midfielder, Tuvan Anne, Duck Hue and Hang Dang will be able to choose the Cochin Park Hour Sea. Generally, Hang Dung is naturally number 1. His talent has been clearly shown to the national level by the club. Former Vietnamese athlete athletes Fencia said: "When he was not in the field, Hang Dung stopped a big gap."

The club's 3 midfielder's performance in the 2019 season

* Statistics: Install

Tuva Ann Duck high Hmm kiss
War 10 17 19
Successful dispute / competition 7.3 5.2 5.5
Win / Fight of Air Struggle 0.7 1,2 0.8
Prevent successful ball / match 2.3 1.5 1.7
Missed the ball 3.5 3.4 6.1

Whether fitness, patience, or disputation is better than the tuque now, the hook is better. When Hanoi censors the FCC players, Tuán Ashan will have two other players in the INSAT statistics. Of these, two major statistics are successful disputes and axes (in average / competition), Tuan Anne Dock High and Hang Dung.

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