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TKV Bose: Call for Quang Nine Thermo Power Controller & # 39;

Nguyen Hoang Trung, deputy director general of the coal and mineral group, said at a meeting on November 28. The quantum of the 2.6 million tonnes of coal needed for Kwong Nine Thermoe Power is required, and signed between the two companies signed in 2018.

In addition, in the past few days, 30,000 tonnes and 200,000 tonnes of coal in December were discussed by the TKV and Electricity (EVN) in Vietnam. Coal to the Kueng Nine Thermal Power is 2.8 MT. It is more than a signed contract.

The Quantum Nine Thermoelectric Power Plant is in danger of stopping production, "he said, adding that" regulation of mechanization is based on the regulation of electricity. "

"They normally run 3 units, compile a lot, run 4 units, and then dropped to 2. We have a signed agreement with the signed agreement, even with the signing of the previous one," Trung said. .

Accordingly, the factory has suggested to increase TKV supplies to ensure factories in the factory, in addition to supply of coal protection and coal. In November 2018, TKV and North East Corporations are committed to providing enough solidity to coal while signing a contract for thermal power plant at the headquarters of the Ministry of Commerce and Commerce. However, factories do not need to increase the input reservoir, increasing demand for electricity.

In addition, a long-term contract with TKV for the coal supply of cotton has not been signed by Tuang, quoted by Quang Ninh thermal power plant. "The reasons for this lack of capacity to sustain the demand of the plant in the long-run is the productivity of the plant to increase production," he said.

Shri. Nguyen Hong Tung - TKV Deputy general director. Photo: Hoai Thu

Shri. Nguyen Hong Tung – TKV Deputy general director. Photo: Hoai Thu

"From 2010 to 2014, Vancouman has repeatedly signed a long-term deal to distribute the coal to thermal power plant, and the industry and the Ministry of Commerce reportedly in early 2017. The thermal power station has not signed agreements with the investors, which is difficult for the investors' projects.

According to him, both parties have agreed to sign a long-term coal supply deal. This must be actively given to the plant and actively organize the production and investment of TKV.

Previously, share VnExpress"We have stopped functioning in four power plants since November," said Le Do Hoan, chairman of Qing Nine Thermo Power Plant, Quang En The Thermo Electric Joint Stock Company. Loss of coal for production Suspension of two units has led to a loss of 10 million kWh per day. It lost over 13 billion. For the first time, the coal industry suffered losses in the factory.

Referring to the requirement of coal in the country in 2018, Neguan Hong Trong said, "Distribution and demand has changed over the previous one. The country will have more coal from 2017 to 5.4 million tonnes of energy.

In addition, many thermal power products have increased the demand for coal and increased atmospheric climate at the same time, which creates many difficulties for organizing production of veneer. Volunteer to get export, processing, and coal.

Vinekom signed a contract with power generation contracts to get coal for power generation. In order to continue to supply coal for the generation of power, it will be added to the maximum amount of commodity and 500,000 tonnes of coal is produced and distributed to consumers. .

2019 predicts that the power production will be more than 38 million tonnes. It is targeting to produce 39 million tonnes of crude coal. TKV is targeting 36 million tonnes of pure coal production and famine. For families, "said Truong.

According to TROGAN, last year there has been some difficulty in coal demand for power generation and strengthening the presence of coal power plants. At the same time, the price of coal was lower than the decline in prices. It is estimated that by 2018 it is 200,000. TKV is estimated to be about one tonne VND1.66 million in 2019, almost VND 63,000 (about 4%), mainly technical terms, fuel prices …

TKV leaders advise coal-based pricing policies to import coal and domestic coal production. Therefore, TKV can calculate import programs for tickets for the purpose of the thermal power production. 2019. "If not" fast "will continue to fall in the current situation for the next few months," deputy TKV said.

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