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They are very happy to help us surrender. "

Street photography took place after eleven years after foreign photographers took hijackings at Siogen Street.

Recently, 11 years ago, the stolen CSGT photo collections at Saigon Street suddenly shifted to social networks and quickly attracted public attention. BPhotographer Dave Macmillan's photographs accidentally kept in the street, and he decided to take these moments.

11 years ago Saigon's CSGT photo thieves writer: The miracle is the proof that Surrender is good enough to give up - photo 1.

Photographer took photograph of 11 years ago in Saigon. Screenshot.

This image convinced CSGT to smuggle a smuggling and gave a successful control and threat to suicide. In the view of the photographer, the courage, intimacy and traffic police of the two soldiers worked to capture the two robbers in the arsenal.

Photographer photographed soon after 2007. 11 years later, on 11 November 1818, the photographer quickly resumed the whole session of discussions. On the street in Saigon. "Here's how to talk to suspicious suspicious people like a real law enforcement expert!"Photographer wrote.

Photographer Dave Macmillan – The person who lived in Vietnam for 15 years. Image: NVCC

Photographer Dave Macmillan says the robbery took place on November 9The burglars, including knife and knife, were looted on 23/11/2007 at Thai Van Lang Street in Thai Van Lang Street in Ho Chi Minh City. After a woman's robbery, two robbers broke up an ambush of two policemen. They moved down their motor bikes road.

After robbing the phone on the streets of Saigon, the robbers suddenly closed.

The two managed to take control quickly, while the other ran out on either side of a raft. At this moment, on the same bed, thieves throw their throat away and threaten the police who commits suicide if they come to escape. Those who surrendered after surrendering were surrendered to the SGGT.

The CSGT photo collection not only takes over the network, but also the courage and courage of CSGT comrades not only the photographer has saved the image of life 1 year ago Old Saigon.

This bandite pointed to the camera: I would commit suicide in front of this foreigner!

Contact photographer Dave Mac Millen said he spent 15 years living in Vietnam. Before learning about this, he studied the Vietnamese language and culture.

"I have been living in Vietnam since 2003. But for 30 years I have been studying Vietnamese language and culture. The first book I read when I was five or five years old was about Vietnam. I began to study with a strict teacher from Hanoi. In everyday life, I always try to study with the desire to be in Vietnam. If you hear more than I say, you should know that I am an invisible person. I am older, and in general I have great value to hear. "

Photographer Dave McMillan, the set of photos I recorded 11 years ago, was amazed when he caught so much attention from the photo. Meanwhile, he said It happened a decade ago, but still reminiscent of the moment.

"When I was in that scene, a young man took an air gonna on his neck and used the ECG to look at the camera when he saw me copying it on the camera." The subject of the traffic police forced him to do so, and this young man concentrated his mind to stop the suicide. "

11 years ago Saigon's CSGT photographer's creator: Surrender would prove to be good.

Photographer requiring a photographer may not commit suicide if there is no subject point.

The photographer said, after the young man who was armed with his finger pointed his finger on the camera, "If the foreigner does not stop shooting I will kill myself.". After seeing this deliberately turbulent object, the photographer asked for another angle. "At that time, I went to the goods to take a picture from high places, so I did not arrest the relatives of the CSGT."

Thereafter, the subject of the knife in the neck, which threatens suicide if not immediately released

"Copp is one of the most professional legal practices I have introduced."Remember the incident happened 11 years ago, says photographer Dave Macmillan.

"It was one of the most memorable moments I've ever seen: he was in a state of energy and calmness, and one of the witnesses said that the culprit could not save his life, but the CGG was forced to surrender., Shared by an Australian photographer.

CSGT appreciates these memories

Remember the moments you have been, carefully photographed the Australian photographer range and shared with everyone. Then 11 years later, the photographs posted on Facebook and posted on her birthday photographer suddenly looked into the photo serial.

However, his intellect and his credibility disallowed his sword

Later CGG was brought from this station.

"CMy girlfriend was born in October 2007. Recently her birthday. Then I went through photos. After reviewing my memories with my daughter, I accidentally saw these photos. On that November 23rd, the eleventh anniversary of the theft I decided to reshare it on my personal page ", Photographer Says Dave Macmillan.

The incident created many people in Saigon

11 years ago Saigon's CSGT photo thieves writer: The miracle of proof that Surrender is good is to give up - photo 9.

Photographer of the bold ccp photographer at that time. The CSGT was aware of the shooting of the CSTT in Davy's opinion. But he was trying to get his sword thrown. So the police officer did not listen.

Besides, the photographer happily said, after sharing photos widely, CSGT contacted their comrades – they robbed and robbed their robbery 11 years ago and surrendered gas.

Lungunan Dang Than (34 years old) now works at the Thien Zone County Police Station (Road, Railway Police Department, Ho Chi Minh City Police). In 15 years of investigation, he and his colleagues were repeatedly indirectly helped many of the forces that had been robbed and stealing.

Theo Dave MacmillanCaptain Thanhh remembers these memories.

Share more with us, this photographer is a favorite for Vietnam, because he has close friends. "Everything I like is hiding in the van, and visiting my friends there, especially in the fear of me and not terrifying me."

As future projects say, the photographer has asked for a better contribution to the society. "I want to show that the expatriate communities living here are really hard work and skills. At the same time, I want to make the students of Vietnam more opportunities to show their skills and abilities to find a job. ", Said Dave.

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