Friday , June 9 2023

These are designed not only by Lan Nongak and Tai Po, but … "Shem Was Pretty" in the Vietnamese edition is not very good


One of the films was a few years ago, dressing styles were akin to the character of "Vas Preeti". Kim Hin Jin (Huang Jung Yum) is a simple one. Jin Soon Jun (Park Sea Joon) is gentle, Kim Shin Haik (Sinon) Liberal, and Mina Hari (Go Juan Hai) becomes a reality. . The expertise, intriguing and fun way of integrating this character is still amazing. After the end of the film, Harry's Bari pilgrims built a fever throughout Asia and had enough to imagine the warmth.

For the Vietnamese fans to give more expectations about the formation of Hina, at least Hari's shadow is huge. Unfortunately, more hope, great disappointment.

Lan Knockkon is not only designed, but also packed ...

This should be a bad set of values ​​of Linh's up to today.

Bring a reputation as a stylish girl, eat a country food, trend with the trend, but look through the linh dress and see the word "cheesy" clearly. Do not wear a fun mix of ornaments, dress shirts, and look like a girl who likes something more like a character than the favorite character of a bleach. The pulling out of the front is a beautiful face of chai flower.

The sandalwoods are a tactile set, jeans scot, chakar necklace, ears, turbon scarf and mini handbag to tell you that there are two strangers here. Well, as university examinations mathematical issues are as difficult as outside items as many things out. Turbo design, material or bad tantric, like sleeping in the house and the bathroom hair band. When combined with the rest of the items, they become a black brewdrum and let go on a date, not appropriate to wear on the streets.

The first time they met, who was such a complicated, complicated and annoying one, and how does it record the Han Lynh record?

The other set (hope to be screened soon) does not seem to be a good positive either.

Of course, in my opinion, because "my first love" has been "hidden" since about 2 years ago, now it is easy to understand the Hina Hill style of dress. But of course, this idea does not seem to be accurate … Basically, these characteristic segments are often fun, complicated, trendy or fashionable.

Look at how Hari wore before, now it's still beautiful. Some things do not create a fever anyway, but overall it may be performing in 2015, but it is worth four years back. Therefore, it is better not to use "trendy" or "fashion" factors to protect. Not beautiful, it's still not beautiful!

The film is different from the original Mina Harry, which is going to be the go-between of June Goin. The completion of the movie has been completed by 2015. But the dress style is very beautiful. Young people still learn a lot of tips.


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