Wednesday , March 22 2023

The Zion Bridge suicide jumped off the suicide car


Ho Chi Minh City, which relied on the afternoon 19/11 afternoon, still runs part of the suicide bomber in the area.

Xylon Bridge Suicides Suicide

The functional forces of the field.

In 10h30, a Dylan motor bike with a man (about 50 years old) carrying a BYKS: 59P1-687.78 Go to the Duqu and Ho Chi Minh City across the Pygion Bridge.

When he reached near District 2 bridge near Bin district, he stopped his car. The man commits suicide by attempting to commit suicide. Though many witnessed the incident, the incident was very fast.

Zeylon Suicide - Photo 2.

Traffic on the signal bridge.

This incident stalled the stagnant stagnation of many.

Get the information, Ho Chi Minh City rescue operations are being deployed to rescue the guards and search for the victims. Traffic driven traffic in the area to avoid crowding at the Saigon Bridge.

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