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The young teacher describes depression with his wife

Thursday, 29/11/2018 15:30 PM (GMT + 7)

A young teacher who graduated from high school to graduate and gave birth to his son, despite knowing he was legally married.

The young doctor talks about the sad love affair with many wife doctor - 1

Dr. Enuguain van Thin, a lecturer at Bac Lieu University

As expected today (November 29), the boys in the People's Court trial in Bakel Lee City, the accused, Nguyen Van Tinf – PhD, University Lecturer, are children with many women.

The 1999 Penal Code 1999 was amended to amend Article 267 and the documents of amendment agencies and organizations were branded as fake. In 2009, he sang Peoples Prosecution in Backel Lee City.

According to the City People's Committee in 2001, the Buenos Aires, Lungi and Nguyen van Thin and LNT went to the People's Committee of the Wards, Buick Liu City, Buck Leu province, and the two children are in common … In 2009, the marriages between two were marrying .

In early 2011, Thinh's friend NT Pt (SN 1988, Doug Anham Resident, Fu Hong Commune, Kai Ninok District, and C Mau Province). Thinhevi, who had given wrong information to Tintu, did not marry when he was in contact. N.T.P.T. In fact, there was a normal child with the wife and wife of the wife.

After April 2011, Tinh and NTT put it under the traditional customs. After marriage, the family touches the NTT.

I can not apply to a marriage license. A taxi driver at the Ken Busan bus station is a fake certificate of Bao's 2 million worth of marriage certificates.

On June 21, 2011, the certificate was registered by NTVTUFU Hong Kong People's Committee Committee, Kai Novok District and C Mau Provincial Council. The marriage certificate is used to register the birth of a child. TtT

The NT While staying in PT, Dines continued to have a connection with Tancy (SN 1990). Deciding to divorce Thinhe and ask for TT

Wrong error

When you see something thinhe They met with each other at the beginning of 2011.

About the relationship with Mr. Thin T P. T said: "When they are together, they introduce themselves for themselves, and he told her to talk to her, but I have not seen her yet."

According to NTP P. teacher, there is no marriage between Tan and Min Thin, his family and relatives: "When the wedding is done, Thinh's parents said that you should not be late to his Mathrubhumi central granade and then I'm pregnant and not going to the village.

Recently, Nguyen Van Luin complained to the law enforcement agency in Bagu Lia city. Thin said he was separating from his first wife. He had acquaintance with so many people because he lacked love. They do not covet those who love and steal.

In reply to Thinh's statement, T P. She said: "My mother is a woman, a woman raised me up and I grew up in the same family as I grew up and I appreciated Amma's life, do you know that Mr Tinu has a legitimate family and how can I fall into his trap? I know that I'm wrong but Thinh high school, who lost the truth.

Receive the grief of the real world

After a divorce from the teacher NTP, Tinti, THHD, 2, Ward 7 and Buck Lewi City were a normal child (born in 2014). ). Later, Thinh found a legal family to actively close this relationship in Thinh.

The sad memories do not want to repeat, but Tinsic can not immediately relieve, Tin told him that women volunteered him.

"Tinse said," women who want to have children with him are cheating, "Tincy said, adding that a poor orphaned student was tortured.

Thinhill, TCD He was a pupil at student back ill university. T C. D's uncle T. V. "My early grandparents created mistakes, gave birth to a child when we were in college, had children, raised children, sent children and studied and traveled on long journeys," he said.

D of T. C. T She said to her sisters: "Because Thinheh has a family, my brother disconnected and hesitated to say the grief of the real world that he did not want to say."

The former President of the University of Buck University Lee Van Dewang, Thinh's case, said: "As a scientist, a lecturer has such a way of life, it is unacceptable as a teacher, and the university should take a back-up of the university.

Unexpected Doctorate and Faculty Fake Papers have more than one wife

Bac Lieu University of Pedagogy's lecturer Nguyen van Thin, complained to the Peoples Committee of the CIIT TBU, City.

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