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The WU aluminum is determined when the court starts the question

Earlier, the accused, Fan van Anwa (known as Wu Aluminum), Tran Fawang Bin and his accomplices were sent to the High Court Chief Court.

According to the records, the security category is still strong to argue. On the same day, representatives of the People's Prosecutor in Ho Chi Minh City are trying to publish the charges.

On November 28, two of them, Fan Van Anne, Nguyen Tien LAN (former head of the Debate Management Department and Business Unit of DB Fund) were present at the court. Representatives of the people's procuratoratorate reacted to the accused.

According to the panel, two policemen should be detained in the afternoon the same day. The remaining defendants stayed in court for trial.

When the court starts the question, aluminum crocodile - photo 1.

In the Fan van An Wu Court of Cases 28/11. Van Mini's photo

The trial was conducted from November 27 to December 25, headed by Chief Justice Pam Lung Tone of Haim Min City People's Court.

More than 320 individuals and organizations were organized as a witness to participate in the trial panel trial.

In addition, more than 50 lawyers have been registered with defense and defense of lawful rights and are responsible for protecting the interests of witnesses and related rights.

When the court starts the question, the aluminum crows will be - Figure 2.

28/11 accused in court Van Mini's photo

In response to the findings, Fan Van Wu (WA Aluminum) responds to a no-notice panel to change the residence of Ho Chi Minh City.

Resistance is said by Fan Van Wa Your court Fan Van Saw and Tran Da are other names. In addition, Vietnam's citizenship and citizenship claims that Antigua and Barbuda were the "Aluminum" accused. Before this testimonial, the Panel will examine this information.

When Tran Phuong Binh is the General Director of the Tien Phong, Dr. D. Chirac, deputy chairman of the board of directors and chairman of the Credit Committee, Violation of regulation damaged the DAB trillions.

When the court starts the question, aluminum crocodile - Photo 3.

Attorneys participate in the trial. Van Mini's photo

Mr Binh has invested over $ 3,405 billion worth of $ 1,160 billion in misappropriation of property worth $ 1,160 billion in the Bank's vice-chairman and director of the bank's bank credit committee, Don Fankingbin's director general Don Donbank. Wind 437 billion and 650 tonnes of gold Interest Out; Gold trading account has been estimated at $ 24 million, 15,000 gold and forex trading.

In addition, the investigation agency estimated that Ben, Nguyen Hong Anne (former HC City Police Investigator, who was prosecuted in the case), spent approximately VND65 bill to repay the loan.

When the court starts the question, the aluminum pan will be coded - photo 4.

In the trial there are many individuals and organizations who are witness to the rights and obligations of the case. Van Mini's photo

In this case, Fan van Anu (V, "Aluminum", SN 1975, a resident of Hai Chau District, Da Nang City) – the Hanoi People's Court was convicted only 9 years for "deliberate disclosure of state secrets" and "misuse of credibility" The investigating agency also investigated the crimes. According to the inquiry, 12.73% stake in Dong Bank & # 39; s Owner & # 39; The Wu aluminum infringement resulted in a loss of 200 billion.

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