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The World Cup beat England


World Cup victory against the British, from Croatia to Brazil and Messi from the yellow color of Brazil … The 19/11 football news is in the news.

World Cup defeat by British

In the Wembley final last night, the team had beaten Croatia in the Nations League. When playing home, the England team did not take control of the team nor did they beat the opponent. In the 57-minute final, Croatia defeated Croatia.

After the Goal, the British gained just two goals from 78 million and 85 minutes to 7 minutes.

With this win England won the Legend 4A. The ticket to the Semi-Finals Nations League has earned seven points. Spain is at the second spot with 6- points and Croatia.

The 1911 World Cup was subdued before England
Wembley Stadium, Croatia, with the victory of the British

Upstream Switzerland "Divya" before Belgium

In the 2018 World Cup, Died the Raim, Cat Ann & # 39; The match created a landscape with the score of 5-2 against Switzerland in front of a Belgian player.

Taurie Hasard scored two goals in the 17th minute, though Rodrigues (26 & # 39;), Sefervovich (31, 44, 84 & # 39;) and Elveni (62) were in the final.

It reached number one position in Belgium and Switzerland with the same number of goals dropped from head-to-head. (2-1 in the first round of Switzerland). In Switzerland, they have won the UEFA Champions League semi-final.

General Video: Switzerland 5-2 Belgium (UEFA Nations League 2018/19)

After the match against Croatia, South Gate expressed his disappointment

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Harry Keane, who was the captain of the 2-1 team against Croatia, praised Gareth Saug Gate.

The 48-year-old said: "Franklin said," The best score we've never seen before is Kane, and we always trust him up. "

Speaking of the victory, South Gate said: "My students are in tough competition and their prizes are a ticket to the UEFA Champions League and we are very satisfied with the performance of Croatia in the 2018 World Cup.

"The best part is that we can create a relationship with fans, the support of the National Team is special, and it gives our effort to our efforts." .

Liverpool resistance after Croatia's defeat

When England lost and league the league, the Croatian defender Djjan Lawn prepared to humiliate the fans.

Recently Spain's Sergio Ramsos has been concentrated on Laver's social network.

Croatia beat Spain 3-2. Ramos raised in the pearl pearls. It made the Liverpool player a great thing and shot a video posted on social networks.

Information is received from Croatia

Three weeks after the Eva Rakit was dropped from the Barcelona club. The Spanish team defeated Spain in the final.

So, former sevilla star PSV (Champions League) and Villarreal (La Liga). Previously, the red card received from Betsey's defeat is unlikely to be a racquet when it comes to Barcelona at Madrid at 25/11.

Ivan Ivan Rakkick
Returning to Croatia, Ivan Rakitsch suffered injuries


Chelsea midfielder Eden Hazard said Lionel Messi (Argentina / Barcelona) and Luca Modrik (Croatia / Real Madrid) would not be able to earn 2018 Golden Ball.

Instead, the face of the Belgian Striker was striker Kilian Mobyb – helping to qualify for the World Cup, and notable performances on the PSG shirt. .

Abeckeyen is the master of Arsenal

When the player returned to Gobanan, Arsenal welcomed the news of Pierre-Emerick Abhamáming's injury. It is not clear how glow it is. But after a long gap, it was a big challenge to Gunners.

This season, Ubbang is the main striker of Gunners with seven goals in the English Premier League. In October, Dortmund announced the award for the best goalkeeper.

Napoleon rejected Kaulibili's 90 million euro offer

Napoleon's club searched for 90 million euros for Manninger, the Italian footballer for Kalidou Queibili. The red cowboy should now have the patch, but the Syrian A team wants to sell their top players.

The new Senegalese have renewed their contract with the representatives of the Syrian delegates until 2023, if they want to get his signature, Reds will have to follow a 100 million euro system.

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