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The window should print a $ 80 million fine to print $ 500,000 red envelopes


The Bao Lucky money appears in the market, but according to State Bank estimates, "This is a breach of law."

Lunar New Year will be about two o'clock, and the lucky market will feel more crowded. This year, a sample of lucky money printed in the market stalls and "Internet Marketing", a Vietnamese money laundering picture, valued at VND 500,000, VND 200,000 or VND 100,000 …

According to the seller's recommendation, the red envelopes are 7.3×16.5cm, and therefore can be included in the small bill from small to small. The 50,000-500,000 real money transaction of VND is designed on both sides of Red Envy.

In addition, the website has a pattern of printed mascot printed with real money. This model is printed only with the words "Mappila New Year" instead of these two prints, as real money.

Lucky money in the Vietnamese money is printed, sold and sold and a violation. Photo: p.

Printing and selling of lucky money with Vietnamese money is a violation. Photo: PV.

With the new and unique form, the entries in this model attract many buyers, selling them from 2,500-3,000 VND to each. The price for buying more consumers will be lower, and the 100-200 packet of luck will have to pay between 1000 to 50000 VND and the purchase price will be reduced.

However, some companies printing in lucky bags in HCM City will no longer get printed. "After luckily printed, the authorities have been printed and prohibited because it is a violation of the law," said the owner of the printing press of District 10.

The representative of the Ho Chi Minh City State Bank Branch said that the first survey records some of the places printed on the red envelope consisting of the US dollar and some foreign currencies. In foreign currency, state banks do not intervene because Vietnam does not sign up to protect the image of foreign currency, or some countries have no restrictions.

But the agency later claimed that there were bags of printed fortune in the value of VNN 500,000, VN 200,000 or VNN 100,000 value added to the value of the Vietnamese coin … The State Bank representative denied the 130th anniversary of the government's decision. Vietnamese money strictly prohibited for any subject without prior written consent of the State Bank of Vietnam.

It suggests that the Vietnamese currency images for the lottery packages of Article 31 of the Government Order have been banned for a violation of administrative violations in banking and banking fields. Allow 40-80 million. "People should not buy or sell these lucky bags because it can legislate printing topics for fake images of the Vietnamese coin."

In some temples, monks also use copper coins to adjust the flowers, but they also use real money to adjust capital for tat sale. It is carelessly neglected with Vietnamese currency carelessness and protection.

The State Bank has signed the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Commerce, Information and Communications. Violation of currency violations in Vietnamese image infringement

Hour Main City sent the branch to the State Bank of Peoples Committee. The agency also asked the agency to deal with the agency to check and manage violations.

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