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The V case involving several local officials is "aluminum"

On Wednesday, 28/11/2018 00:30 AM (GMT + 7)

Dang Nan's party secretary Trong Kwang Nigiya said that some local authorities and police participated in the "Wu" aluminum case.

On the afternoon of November 27th, Dimanong delegates saw Nag Hangzhou District Voters at the sixth session of the 11th National Assembly.

Speaking at the meeting, Fan Lo (my wand) voters expressed concern about the disproportionate assets laws passed by the National Assembly on Anti-Corruption Act.

Wu & # 34; Aluminum & # 34; Several local authorities are taking part - 1

Many Nag Hạn voters have concerns about the recovery of volatile assets, including property related to aluminum. Picture: Tan White

In the vote "aluminum" case (fan's), Volunteer Din Nang challenges the content to talk about content.

There are concerns about the use of resistance in Dang Nong. The voters are investment schemes that do not implement much higher projects.

This law was first amended by the amendment, which was first amended by the amendment, according to Secretary of State Anna Trangan Quang Nigiya. It must be bad property.

"Corruption was a fact, of course, it would be confiscated, and one of the corrupt assets was definitely exonerated, but this is a fortunes, and the idea is very common in other countries, and the Congress did not want to accept the unauthorized content of the LAC adoption.

He said the anti-corruption activities were banned. Along with the 13 members of the Central Committee, the Polit Bureau members are the first proof of jail.

Wu & # 34; Aluminum & # 34; Many regional authorities are involved - 2

Dan Nan Party Party Secretary Trung Quang Nigia. Picture: Tan White

The trial and trial of Wu aluminum have been conducted. In this case, Dān-Nāg confirmed.

"Bleakkad property for Wu" aluminum ", but the name of others, banks, money … is very complicated struggle. The government has reported that the government dansan. Be able to implement the Prime Minister's proposal. Even if the application of some banks to prevent the associated banks dansaminre Wu" aluminum "lalitamalla, Dango ineligible to do this, Ukeantan. More recently, we've done well, money saved, "- said nighiya.

The party secretary said that the future Wu aluminum cases would include a number of officials including locals and police. It is mainly used on Earth, Dan Wang and Ho Chi Minh City.

DAN Nang is a huge military base, so the landlord's defense-based Naghiya said. If Defense Ministry does not cooperate, then Dan will not be Nan.

"The Ministry of Defense works with the government to review its defense and control the land for economic development and there will be clear perceptions in the state," she said.

About the investment projects, the policy of effective public investment since 2015, has focused on regulating deficiencies in investment projects, investing "dots" without raising the investment situation.

"Many of you, like this project, do not see anything, seek a plan that encourages you to eat a few things, so many completed projects do not know what to do, and live on living livelihoods."

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The panel did not approve of the document when the attorneys of the accused reviewed these documents. Under the supervision of the session …

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