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The Taiwanese flight attendants were sad because the "danger" was forced to wipe off


Tuesday, January 22, 2019 19:00 PM (GMT + 7)

When a 200-kilometer passenger forced the cabin crew to do a strange job, a woman air hostess explained the shocking moment.

It's sad because the Taiwanese flight hostess is forced to wipe the seats. - 1

EAA Air Passenger Flight Passenger

According to the report of the Metro, the Kuwait Women's Air India Assistant Council is worried that it should ask AAA to amend the rules for law enforcement agencies.

According to Kuvi, 31-year-old boy asked to drop the baby to go to the grave. Then he told them to wipe out their donkeys and the latter was forced to do so. Because they were not "sufficient" for the first time.

At a press conference, Koh said: "I told the passengers that we could not help him, he immediately went back to the restroom and threatened to go to the toilet.

"When he disclosed his genitals, a colleague gave me a blanket to cover myself, but the man was so angry that he pulled out my hand and told me he did not want to hide it and allowed me to stop her mating, so she could use toilet."

The plane's acquaintances waited for the man to go to the bathroom and face another disgrace.

He asked the workers to cleanse the vulva.

It's sad because the Taiwanese flight hostess is forced to wipe the seats. - 2

Hostess spoke of her experience at a press conference

Khao's chief assistant agreed and put three rubber gloves. In the meantime, Kao passes by the passenger's foot.

They mourned like that men in ease.

"He said," Deeper and deeper Chief Attendant has not been cleaned and then asked to do it again, "Kuo said.

Three times he was forced to clean up before he could say, "Now you can drag my prank".

From Los Angeles to Taiwan, travelers were traveling to a wheelchair.

It's sad because the Taiwanese flight hostess is forced to wipe the seats. - 3

One person was shot in a wheelchair

Before that he asked for three seats. Because he was fat, the plane was empty.

Eva says that their employees do not even require the passengers' requests and those who need special help. The Air writes in a writer.

Taoyuan Air Stewardess Union, representing Kyo, argues that this problem is a product of systemic and service industries, where employees are criticized if they do not meet all customer requirements. Objects.

Because of this problem, EVA Air was asked to bid for consumers like Taoyuan Air Stewardess to resume staffing. Hope the discussions will continue in the coming days.

The American helicopter assisted by the pilot for raping the pilot

The next morning she was sleeping in her forehead and bruising, and the hostess raped her.

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